• Ok do what you want

    If this person wants to die, I won't hold you back. You can have your freedom to do whatever you want with your life. So if you did die, You will not leave a mark not even a dent. Let's natural selection take it's course. No body is stopping you.

  • No Don't Die!

    No don't die! That would make me sad, And I don't even know you! Your life is important, Even if it doesn't seem that way. Sometimes when I spend to much time alone thinking about myself I feel like my life is pointless and I want to die, But when I spend time with other people at work, School, Etc. , And I when work out or cook or do laundry, I feel way less bad.

  • Don't ask that question

    Don't let others determine that whether you should die or not. Plz try love yourself. Maybe you ask for some support, Plant something and write your emotions down in a piece of paper. Although I don't know you, Many people experienced the same as you, And even me. . . If there are any words make you not comfortable, I'm sorry, I'm really bad at comfort others lol

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