• Could be cool

    I am assuming you would be letting like your girlfriend or something have other boyfriends while still being your boyfriend? That could be fun and especially if you all have bisexual se x times together where you are helping all the guys out as they smash your girlfriend in. Cucking is a healthy practice as stated by medical professional do it

  • Ummmm I don't think it works like that

    No? If you are talking about a reverse harem as in multiple males married to one female, Then no.

    A. I honestly don't know how that would work and if you could even do that religiously

    b. It would be difficult to find many males willing to share a wife with other men

    c. Why would a female want to marry multiple men at one time? If you were to get pregnant you wouldn't know who the child's father was (until after it is born with a paternity test).

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