• Your choice alone, Nobody should decide for you

    Honey, Don’t have a baby if you can’t keep it or don’t want it. But it’s all up to you. The baby’s soul will just move on or wait till you’re ready if you do, And if you don’t that’s absolutely fine too! Giving the baby away for adoption is traumatizing for the mother and leaves many more children without homes.

  • Your own choice

    If the child is unwanted or can not be supported then an abortion can be the solution. If you are unable to give the child a good life, Unable to birth the child and what not then it is your decision. I would say consider if you can give birth to the child and give it up for adoption first, But if this is not feasible then at the end of the day I believe it would be unfair to force a mother to go through 9 months of pain and emotion just to have a child you can not care about or for. I value life, However I realise there are many circumstances where an abortion would be necessary or valid and I believe the mother has the right to decide if she wants a child to grow in their body or not.

  • You are free to do whatever you want

    Do not let other people make choices about your own body. If you won't be able to properly take care of the child or you do not want it then I would get one. The child won't feel the same genuine love. The chances of you dying from getting an abortion are very low; 0. 6% to be exact. The risk of dying during childbirth is 14 times higher. Please choose whatever you think will be better for you.

  • Whats wrong with it?

    People trying to convince others not to get an abortion are, In my opinion, Off the charts.
    It's the woman's choice. We shouldn't be arguing towards one person whether they should get an abortion or not. We should lay out the straight facts and cut the bible nonsense. We get it. I'm christian (maybe a bad one, But still), And I think convincing someone to keep the baby (even if they don't want to) due to "god" is worse than aborting it.
    Some people can't handle the extra responsibility. It costs money, You need support from a partner, And the extra responsibility of a child might tip the scale between a happy and a stress-filled life. What if there was a breakup or accidental pregnancy? Yes, Sex before marriage is bad if you're christian, But lets be real. A small fraction of people are religious.

    Don't listen to people on the internet. Don't listen to "me" and "them". Frickin find an unbiased source and make the decision purely for what you think is best.

  • Do not let other people decide

    Like the others who say yes, I don't force you to make choices, There are many pros and cons such as getting infertile, You should ALWAYS talk to your family or someone that you trust. And have some time to yourself. If it was accidental but you never wanted a child and you're not capable of caring for it, Either send it to an orphanage or abort. If you turn infertile and you really REALLY want a child, There's always kids at the orphanage waiting for someone.
    Again this is YOUR choice and no one elses.
    I hope you make it

  • A stupid Crazy Question

    God Hates Abortion He created that Living person and you killing it WOW! You are just a crazy person full of hatred and evil. Don't ever say ask this kind of question again. God loves you don't forget that but listen for his voice he created that baby infant don't kill it, Please

  • There is no right to kill children

    Unless your life is in danger with a pregnancy, That child has a right to life, Liberty, And the pursuit of happiness. Most people argue the rape scenario. Most women get abortions for convenience in their lives, Not rape. But even so, You NEVER punish someone for the crimes of another.

  • You can become injured

    Most abortion advocates never had an abortion themselves. They are childless and they live alone. Yet they never cease to meddle and push for abortions.
    Yes it is your body and yes it is your choice but the getting an abortion is stupid. A lot of girls become infertile and they will never be able to bear children and they will have a damage that never heals.
    We are talking about get your insides stabbed and vacuum and they often leave stuff inside that can rot or they can scrape your insides.

    Those abortion advocates do not care about you. They will ignore you the minute you finish and they will go to the next girl.

    Ignore those psychotic people who will die alone.

  • A stupid Crazy Question

    God Hates Abortion He created that Living person and you killing it WOW! You are just a crazy person full of hatred and evil. Don't ever say ask this kind of question again. God loves you don't forget that but listen for his voice he created that baby infant don't kill it, Please

  • Logic says no

    Are you married? Or do you have a boyfriend? Did you sleep with multiple men?
    Regardless you have something that is important. You might have a doctor or singer or an athlete or a scientist in there. You might not care for it but when you become older you will understand that this child is something that will carry your legacy and can take care of you.
    People in Japan and in Europe are dying of old age and are found days later. They have no family no children and they vanish off the earth. So please do yourself a favor and let the child live.
    It might not turn out to be a successful child but that child will be what you leave.

    All those people who tell you to have an abortion have never had one before they never bled in pain and suffered infertility and will not know the joy of having a child.

  • Life begins at the beginning

    All life has a beginning. Some countries count their age and add 9 months because of time in the stomach. People are pro abortion because it is someones choice but they don't allow the baby to have a choice? The baby is a small living thing with a beating heart and the newest creation. If you think of removing the baby because you don't have a good home for it then why kill it instead of giving it up for adoption? I recommend instead of just hearing a random guy text to go see why people are against abortion then just assuming it's ok. Have a great day :)

  • Where do you think life begins?

    An abortion overall is very uneccessary. I get it, Its a women body and she should choose what she wants to do with it, But have we ever stop to consider the other life in that body? It might be her body, But there is also another life inside of her and its not her life to end. For example the minute her doctor annouces to her that she is pregnant she doesn't stop and think "I have 20 fingers" because why that life is separate from her. So I ask again when does life begin? To the people that think life begins when we are born would that mean you would still abort an eight month old baby in the womb or seven. When would be the time where we decide life starts. For those of you who didn't a baby can't start to grow until whats called conseption which is when the egg and the sperm meet. Its obvious to me that, Without that a baby can not start to form and that is where life for everyone begins. Have you ever stop to think if being pro-choice even makes sense to you, Or do you just keep using the rape excuse until someone budges? Think what is the opposite of life, Is it not death? Sounds harsh, I know but that's what your covering death with that choice, And what is the final choice to take away the life of the baby. I personally if you can't already tell am pro-life, And I try to hear people out and see it from another point of view. I thought to myself if I was raped and got pregnant should I abort. My final answer would be no. Why? I would choose not to not just because statistically its a very very low possibility of that happening but because I believe that if god wanted me to be pregnant then so be it. I would love my child because the child wouldn't have been the problem. For those who wouldn't want it, Does it really cost you to let your baby live and put up for adoption instead of paying what thousands for an abortion. Also, To the ones who might have their health be at risk for having a baby, I believe in miracles and they happen everyday no women, No doctor, No man can tell you the final answer only god because whether we like it or not he has the final say, And finally for the ones who would still choose to abort because they made one stupid mistake and don't want to be embarrassed its not the babys fault and you know that very well.

  • Having a baby is a gift from god

    If you have baby developing in you are body, Leave it there. Even though abortion is legal in the U. S. That is not the way. If your getting child, God is preparing you to test yourself and how much you care. If you kill that child, Don't even bother forgiving yourself. Remember, Children challenge you, And you get your child ahead of you and prepare for life because. . . There is no easy in life

  • Abortion is NEVER the answer

    No. It is wrong. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any person get an a abortion, No matter the age or cause of pregnancy. The life within is Gods child, Not yours. Therefore, You have NO RIGHT to take said life. If it means sacrificing your own life, SO BE IT. If you are a child, I am sure your parents will seek counselling to help you through this challenging time. Pray to our Lord that you see this through. Through his guidance and strength you WILL do this.

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