• Vaccines prevent serious illness from occurring and have even eradicated them.

    It is very important that everyone gets vaccinated to help protect not only them but the people around them from getting serious life threatening diseases. Vaccines are made by imitating an infection so your body will create antibodies to fight the infection, after your body fights the infection it remembers how to fight it in the future preventing you from getting the real disease later on in life. Without vaccines our bodies will weaken and eventually shut down resulting in outbreaks, epidemics, and a shorter life expectancy.

  • Vaccines have saved many lives and have even pushed some diseases into extinction.

    Before Vaccines many children died from diseases such as measles and mumps. Since vaccines have been introduced the number of cases have droped significantly. Also some people can not get vaccines and therefor rely on herd immunity to keep them healthy. In conclusion getting vaccinated not only keeps you safe but others safe as well.

  • Vaccines are good for preventing illness and stop outbreaks

    Although vaccines carry some risk, for most people they are completely safe. One of the downsides that exists for society in vaccines is the rise of superbugs. Currently we don't worry about the worst illness, however if there were to be a superbug without the ability to vaccinate for it, we would be unprepared to deal with it. An example would be masks to stop spread by air, water treatment options to stop waterborne illness and more. Vaccines are however good to take, though it is a personal choice, remember that being vaccinated also means you won't infect anybody else!

  • Depends on what vaccinations you are talking about.

    Overall I would say no you don't need a vaccination. Unless you are planning to travel to a country where certain diseases are prevalent. Then you may need some vaccinations. Also, if you have come into contact with a rabid animal, you should definitely get a vaccination. In general, vaccines are not needed in adults.

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