Should I move from Manchester, New Hampshire to Burlington, Vermont?

Asked by: bigdave
  • Why not move?

    If the move is beneficial for you to move from Manchester to Burlington, then why not take a crazy chance? It all factors in on the cost and why you want to move. If you found a new job or something then just go for it in my opinion. Both cities are beautiful.

  • You should move from NH to Vermont.

    If it is within your economic ability to move residency from New Hampshire to Vermont, I would recommend changing locations. It is canonical knowledge that only residing in one area of the world is like purchasing a book and only reading the first page. You must explore your environment to the most extensive of your ability.

  • Question is moot.

    I have moved. The storms kept me in Manchester, but now the snows have slowed. Burlington is much smaller than Manchester, but more like a resort than a big city. My next move should be to New York, but for now I am taking in the sights and sounds of Vermont.

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