• Choose Animal Jam!

    On Animal Jam there is better communication systems, better items at the stores, better clothing, different animals, different colors of choice, and just all together a faster, more fun online virtual world. On club penguin, there are way too little items that nonmembers can receive. On animal jam, members are just a tad bit higher and a tad bit more privileged. The games on club penguin are so stupid and useless. On animal jam, they are fun, exciting, and you ALWAYS get something out of it. On animal jam you don't have restricted chat, you have many choices of animals, and it is just more fun! Choose Animal Jam, and make an account now.

  • Animal jam i guess

    My friends ae telling me about it but im still unsure about what to pick really unsure but i guess i will do animal jam so i wanna know animal jam or club penguin cuz i was going to vote for club penguin but my friends told me not to

  • Definitely Club Penguin

    You'll have the time of your life with this game with brilliant graphics,amazing gameplay,and a phenomenal story about surviving in the Commonwealth with 4 factions and you have to kill your son or nuke Boston.Best game ever and the ending is Han Solo gets killed by his son Kylo-Ren who throws an emo tantrum and whines about starting what you finished in the toilet.Really good game


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