• CBT Moments Shall Be Had

    Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In this case, This would involve impacting thine nuts with a metal or wooden implement traditionally used to drive nails into board or other materials. I understand the sentiment expressed by the above post, Since it can at many times be an enjoyable activity.

  • Should I should I?

    I just wanna take dat hammer and swing them to my nuts and give them a good pounding because I'm just really eager to pound my nuts with a hammer. I mean it's fun to pound nuts with a hammer so i wanted to swing the hammer and pound them hard on my nuts

  • No, You should not pound your nuts with a hammer.

    A hammer is tool that hit something not food. Nuts is food. Hammer is useful tool for building house fix faniture but not nuts. I think in grocery store there is tool that helps you when you want to eat nuts. I have special tool that use broke nuts. It is easy and cheep.

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