Should I start having a YouTube channel by age 10?

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  • That's not the best idea out there.

    At 10 years old most of us are actually extremely cringe-worthy. Looking back at the videos I made when I was 10, I'm so glad they never found their way onto the Internet. Go ahead. Watch age-appropriate YouTube content, But my advice would be to wait till you're an adult to start a channel of your own.

  • No. Youtube hates everyone.

    Nope. At age 10 you have basically have no idea of what monetization is and how it works and other mumbo jumbo. Assuming you want to start youtube as a future job, Just don't. Keep it as a side hobby. You can't make a stable living on gaming, Animation (unless you really get them out fast) or simple commentary. At age 10 you've got nothing on your side.

    Maybe when you're 15 and up, Have a shot. Otherwise until then, Continue on what you're doing for fun and do things you enjoy as a hobby.

    Either way, Keep careful of what you're posting online. If you mess up and you gain popularity. . . Rip.

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