Should the South have been supported in the Civil war?

  • They fought for what they believed was a way of life. People thought southerners were racist. That may be true net all were racist.

    When the south fought in the war it was for slavery.It is not a racial thing and it is their way of life. When they were fighting it was for heritage to for hatred. Some people need to realize that they were just being human not racist or hateful people.

  • Yes The South Should Have Been Supported.

    A lot of people think the Civil War was about slavery when that is a major lie. The Civil War Happened because the south didn't want to give up its land and pay the heavy taxes the north was placing on the goods they produced. When they tried to become their own country and not have to deal with the north B.S. anymore that's when the President got involved and put them down. Also they where confederates which is probably a better form of government that we have today. So yes the south should have been supported

  • They fought for what they believed in.

    Yes, the South should have been supported in the Civil War by anyone who shared their values. It was exercising it's freedom based on its understanding of the principles that founded this country. Would I have supported them? Absolutely not. Do I personally think they should have received support? No. I don't think anyone supporting slavery should be supported. Regardless, I do not deny fundamentally that the South had a right to be supported in what it believed in the Civil War, misguided or no.

  • They did receive support.

    Foreign countries were more than happy to see the Civil War happening. A divided country was weaker and would have been open for attacks and outside control. There was also support within the country, but there was more support for the North than for the South. Why is there concern about this when it was already a fact?

  • No, they were not fighting for what our country is based on.

    Our country is based on freedom, but the South was looking to limit the freedom of many people in the United States. They did not deserve support from anyone because they were going directly against our Constitution. If the South had won, we would not be the free country we are today.

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