Should i yeet my premature fetus into the recycling bin

  • Yeet that feet into the area where you throw the sheet

    YEET THAT BOI (OR GRILL) DIRECTLY INTO THE RECYCLING BIN! If you don't want a baby, Don't have it. If it's already born, Though, I can't help you there. But if you're young (as you seem), You should most definately not have a child. Unless you want it. In that case, Good luck.

  • Because Why Not

    Because you need to get better at Basketball and your premature baby is the key to your skills. So then, You practice with each baby you have and eventually you will even better than Michael Jordan and you can be rich and famous and everyone will love you and your basketball babies, And then you can have babies to keep and raise.

  • You should yeetus that feetus, Then commit autodifenistration

    We are all going to die one day, Realizing this leads to a life of saddness for both you and the child. The child would also be very straining on your finacial situation, So in the words of all air stuardesss "help yoursefl before assisting others. " Secondly, Many people have stated that life is terrible and you must find a way to distinguish yourself to be successful. There are not many people who have autodifenistrated, So this make it an easy way to separate yourself from others, And there for more successful.

  • Yeetus thatfetus into the recycling bin

    Premature means that it is not mature. THis means that the fetus is immature and probably very rude. Any person who is both immature and rude deserves to be thrown away. I applaude your effort to help the planet by yeeting your child into a recycling bin instead of a trashcan where it would just expand a landfill. I wish you the best of luck in all future yeeting endeavoures

  • Yeetus that fetus

    Du it. Except you must remember that fetuses are not recyclable. Make sure you properly adhere to all of your nearest recycling locations rules and regulations. It is quite likely that if you contact them, They will state that you should place the yeeted fetus into a landfill or the like. Regardless, You should most definitely yeet it.

  • Yes man dope

    I yeetus my fetus when it was 18. That glob of cells was kiccked out of my life so quick. It was very liberating. I don't know where it is now but idk. I highly recomend yeeting your fetus into the recycling bin. If you want a fetus then still yeet it

  • Yeetus the feetus

    Just do it. Just. Do it. Don't let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So. DO IT. Just DO IT. Don't LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS. YEETUS THE FEETUS. JUST. YEET IT. Live your own life. It's your own choice if u want a child or not and nobodu elses🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • This debate is stupid.

    I'm saying yes, Because I lean more towards that. But when people go so far as to push their beliefs/opinions onto others, Then they can just get fucked. I hope all those who are anti-abortionists change their ways, Or at least stop pushing their views onto those who believe differently. It's their choice.

  • What you want

    Its up to you your body your choice as simple as that you want to kill it? Kill it again its all up to you the state or church should not tell people what to do with their bodies it is insane to me that they can i really cont understand that it seems so unnatural

  • Yes yes yes

    Romeo and Juliet Essay
    100 Point Summative Assignment

    Prince: “Some shall be pardon’d, And some punished” (IV. Iii. 320).

    Every personality is unique and important. Every person can have an immense impact – positive or negative – on other people. And as we see in Romeo and Juliet, Those with good intentions can sometimes have the most negative impacts.

    Who is responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet? Choose one character to construct your thesis statement and defend that thesis with three clear examples from the play.

    Use the instructions below and the rubric as you plan and write your essay.

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  • What? 😂😂😂 omg

    Wtf? Yeet? LMAO.
    Okay, You obviously aren't serious, So don't jump to conclusions. Your. Tone. I'm not sure if you're a pregnant teen or what, But if you really don't care, Just keep the baby if it's nbd. May as well bring yet another human to the world.
    I don't know though, It really depends on the situation. Not a lot of context. But hey, If you're not a teen, You probably won't regret it. Giving birth will hurt like hell, But infants are cute. The toddler years are unbearable (but don't take my word for it I'm fifteen;)). Teen years might be a challenge but you'll work it out. Next thing you know they'll be an independent adult. You'll be proud. 😉

  • No what is wrong with you

    This is murder. It is a living human and you can't deny that science proves it. People saying My Body my choice. Just because you got pregnant doesnt mean you can kill a baby. What about the babys body. The baby deserves the choice as well. What about the father? This isnt the mothers choice.

  • Are you dumb?

    Absolutely do not. It's immoral and inhumane. Put it up for adoption if you can't take proper care of it. But never do something like that. Never put a living human being into a recycling bin. Abortion is just as bad. There is an easy explanation. It's a wonder any of you still believes in abortion at all.

  • No. Put him/her for adoption.

    I was tempted to say yes because you will be a terrible, Abusive and ignorant mother that would be certain to ruin the childs life. However, He/she shouldn't have to die because you are such a terrible person. Give him/her up for adoption to find a proper, Mature, Loving parent who would never speak so crudely of a humanbeing, Or say something like "yeet".

  • You mean kill him/her and throw it in the garbage?

    I suggest no, There is simply no humane way to do so, Everyone, Regardless of experience, Independence or age has a right to life, So to just kill them is brutally evil.
    So to justify this, You have to resort to dehumanization, Defining a human as someone who has went through a vagina, (guess c-section births are aliens), Someone who has a heart-beat (guess people with pacemakers are robots now), Someone who is conscious, (people in comas, Are like mushrooms or something), Someone with memories (so if I get in a car crash and forget my family, I don't exist now? ), Someone who is at least 9 months old (premature births are like fish or something), Someone who has taken their first breath (abort born babies on respirators? )
    You see if you try to draw the line of personhood at any point other than conception, It has gained human characteristics just as a many already born people lose those characteristics. Being unborn simply has nothing to do with being a human life, It's conception that makes us human, The joining of two sex cells of two born human beings to make a new one. So to kill one is murder, Inhumane and evil, So absolutely not you should never under any circumstances "yeet your fetus" EVER.

  • Mario says no

    Mario is alwasy right, Even if Luigi says yeetus that feetus, Mario is always right. You can never question that supreme lord Mario, The creator and destroyer of world, The almighty and all loved. The one we owe all our lives together, The one who is wrathful and vegeful, The one who deserves all praise. All praise that sexy shot Italian plumber

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