• Ice cream is good for kids

    Ice cream is good for kids because in high school they had to much gorse healthy things and so all the kids would dump there food out and starve so when they would do sports they would fail because there so hungry so if you add a little treat they would eat it all which should be ice cream

  • Ice cream tastes amazing

    You should have ice cream in schools because most people wont eat the normal food for lunch and if you take the ice cream out of our lunch then we will be eating nothing and the schools will get in trouble so we need to have some sort of good food for lunch or as I said before we wont eat anything and the school will end up spending money on their school foods and then making it be wasted by throwing it in the trash.

  • Ice cream is good for the soul.

    We pay for good food. Not cardboard. Our schools food is declining is tastefulness. It isn't really helping us loose weight. We can go to the store and buy food instead of staying at the school and eating. Why pay for food that is not filling us up? What is the point? We can not have ice cream because it is not healthy, but not eating nutritious foods is not either.

  • Its good but not safe

    Ice cream may be good but not safe at all my elementary school had ice cream for a week until a kid got a sugar high and ran half way out of school every thing was fine at the end but they stopped selling ice cream for that reason and because parents were complaining about it.

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