• I'm fat and i want ice cream

    The secret to the diet is the calcium. A recent study found that overweight people who took a calcium supplement lost 26 percent more body weight, and 38 percent more fat than those who ate the same reduced-calorie diet, minus the supplement. Another group in the study received calcium by eating three or four servings of dairy products totaling 1,200 or 1,300 milligrams of calcium a day, and lost 70 percent more weight, and 64 percent more fat on a high-dairy diet.

  • ICe cream is Pricless

    If we make ice crema free then we could have ice cream whenever we wanted. Ice cream is so expensove no a dsys no one buys then anymore. If we make ice cream free we will fix inflation. This is the key to sloving the big puzzle of life. We need to save the planet@

  • Ice cream is one of the biggest industries with over 40 billion in profit

    Making them free would just ruin the market.

    And quite possibly make more people suffer from brain freeze and obesity.

    Let's all just face it everyone, would you rather become a huge millionaire making money from selling ice cream or just become homeless after giving away all those ice creams?

  • No Communism Here.

    Free ice cream, and cutting the profits of these businesses would obviously have to be government funded, so this ice cream freebie is simply a segway to teaching these children that communism gives them what they want, and such propaganda should be banned from the face of America as high treason

  • How would a business get paid?

    This is just like asking if all food should free. How would the seller make any money? This is a silly question to be honest, There is the saying that nothing is free in the world and it is true as hell. Just because you want free stuff doesn't mean you can get it.

  • Keep it healthy

    If ice cream is free children will definitely try to sneak away to get free ice which leads them to having more unhealthy habits. In addition kids will go get ice cream get some more an go throw this process
    multiple times witch will make it normal to them then they wont eat their supper.

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23madel23 says2018-04-25T18:43:16.797
There would be no money for the ice cream man
23madel23 says2018-04-25T18:44:10.757
What are you five ?

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