Should identical pay scales exist for men and women in identical jobs?

  • Yes!

    If the US is a nation about equality like our gov't says we are then why aren't women being paid the same amount as men? Women are always treated as the lesser but in actuality no one is better than another regardless of sex or any other factor that people concern themselves so foolishly with.

  • I would think it to be quite obvious.

    If a women signs up to be an engineer or a doctor and goes though the same years of schooling that any man would do, of course she deserves the same hourly wage! Even if she goes home early THE HOURLY WAGE DOESN'T MEAN SHE IS PAID MORE FOR LESS! IT MEANS SHE IS PAID EQUAL TO A MAN FOR THE HOUR THAT HE PARTICIPATED IN AS WELL.

  • Identical pay scales should exist for both men and women

    I do believe that the same pay scale should exist for men and women, all other things being equal. I do not see any valid argument for paying a woman less than a man whatsoever. The notion that they should be paid less because they are homemakers is ludicrous. More and more families with children are dual income households, not out of necessarily feminism but more out of economic necessity. An economic necessity that, in turn, obligates men and women be treated equally in terms of compensation when all other factors are equal.

  • I think that...

    Women should be paid equal amounts of money as men with the same job are paid. Just because they are women doesn't mean they do any less then the men do. Women and men both have the same rate of failure. Just because men are usually bigger and stronger shouldn't mean affect their income.

  • 100% Identical!

    Yes, identical pay scales should exist for men and women in identical jobs. This should not even be up for debate, it should be a given. It is a sad comment on our society that this is not currently the accepted practice, but there are still companies that discourage employees discussing their pay rate because the pay scales are not identical. This should be an acceptable question for a woman to ask during an interview, before she accepts a new job.

  • Anything you can do, I can do better!

    Well, I may not be able to do it better, but as a woman, I can do as good as job as a man. It’s amazing that in 2012, this issue is even up for debate. Of course men and women should receive equal pay for equal work. The key word there is EQUAL. If someone wants to be paid the same, they should have to fulfill the same requirements as everyone else, no matter what their gender. Someone’s pay and salary should be based on their skills and accomplishments, not their genitalia.

  • Equal Pay is an Equal Right

    As long as the job requirements are the same for the exact same job, then women should absolutely get paid as much as men at the same position. Otherwise, there is discrimination and a lawsuit. Men and women are both capable of working, earning money and becoming vital members of the workforce. Equal pay simply makes sense in a modern society.

  • Yes! This is just common sense!

    If two different people are both doing the same identical job, at the same level of proficiency, then they should get equal pay for it. Pay scales should be based on things like qualifications and work performance, not arbitrary criteria like gender, race, or other things that are essentially irrelevant to the actual job.

  • I think some people missed the point

    Yes if they have the same qualifications they should be paid the same but women make more than men a lot of the time which is not right. And if women really made 79 cents on the dollar compared to men then why is every company in America not hiring only women? Oh yea because it is nonsense. Men and women work different jobs, work different amounts of hours, and make different life choices. There is nothing wrong with that either but you cannot complain about the repercussions of those choices.

  • Sounds great

    First I must say that equal pay sounds great, but it will not happen.

    However, put yourself in a company owner position. You have a man and a woman, both of them on the same job. You KNOW the woman could at any time leave to have kids, it is her right, however, it means that I as the owner will be losing money because of her. The thing that would make having that risk acceptable is to pay her less.

    Before I get slammed for my opinion, I want to clarify that sex itself does not matter when doing a job, or it should not. I am just saying that there is an inherent risk in hiring a woman. Sadly, this means that my wife is thrown into the same lot, she does NOT want to have kids, but employers are careful and pay her less anyway. Even though she does a better job that I do, she still gets paid less.

    Anyway, as mentioned above, sex does not mean that men should earn more, but women have different characteristics that employers must consider. In my opinion, the more society pushes for this, the less options women will have, I see it happen everyday.

  • Women can barely do house work as it is.

    Women are weak and helpless in every aspect of human life and culture. It all started when Eve ate the evil fruit from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam was a bro and didn't ever do a damn thing wrong. But women being the worthless creatures they were made to be, should never be considered equal to us godly men and an equal pay scale would be a direct sin against our father and a massive insult to humanity.

  • No, cause women shouldn't be doing the same jobs as men

    Way back when, men and women had very different jobs. Today, that's super different where men are cooks and women are oil workers. During the civil war, it was preposterous for a woman to do a mans job and vice versa. Women have a planned role in life as the family carer. Men are supposed to be the ones providing for the family, the ones who have a job. Now I know that there's all those single mothers out there, but they really shouldn't even be single, they should have a husband who goes to work every day and so forth.

  • The statistics are not factual

    First i would like to say that we should have the same pay if a man and a woman are in the EXACT SAME JOB. But when people say that women get payed less they usually mean all jobs that we work. So if a woman works a part time job and then goes home and stays with her kids, that is not the same as a man working a full time job. Some imployers may pay full time job workers more because they can rely on them more. Also they may be payed different depending on their work. If a woman works at mcdonalds and works at the register but sits around on her phone and doesn't respect customers she may not get payed as much as a man who is diligent and focused

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