Should illegal aliens receive welfare, free medical care, subsidized housing, etc.?

  • I am one of the aliens

    They should not be able to get welfare and medical care because the destroy the human race with lasers and spaceships. So aliens shouldn’t have welfare and medical care since we don’t have lasers but they do. So no more aliens so go back to space plz. That’s by aliens shouldn’t have welfare and medical attention. Thx Donald Duck temp for protecting us from the nasty slimy aliens trying to kill the human race.

  • Unless you are Native American, you are an immigrant ...

    It is not appropriate to say that illegal immigrants abuse the system than native born welfare recipients. Most immigrants start off poor, with little education making it unfair to make that comparison. Many immigrant households contain numerous members, and most benefits go towards native born children of the household which skew accurate findings even further. Many of these children will go on to obtain a degree and contribute to society as adults, unlike the inter-generational cyclical behaviors of American families who carry on the generational cycle of poverty. There are no findings that indicate illegal immigrants abuse the system any more than native born Americans. One study found that 52% of native born households were on welfare. This debate also doesn't consider/discuss how working families on welfare affect the outcome. Many immigrant households perform work that native born households refuse to do. There is no simple answer or solution to the epidemic, both native or immigrant. Denying a family basic needs such as housing, food and utilities is not welfare, but simple human compassion and that is the ultimate underlying problem in the world - we view others in terms and classify them based on circumstance rather than in terms of humanity and struggle.

  • Humanity and its norms

    It's a question of humanity and refusing a person's medical care is incompatible with the human norms! I think that they shouldn't be able to get the same care as Americans, simply because of financial problems but society should live up to its standarts and America should try to be a better place. Starting with helping immigrants.

  • Its are duty as a powerful country.

    We should provide all people including illegal immigrants basic needs. I'm not saying we should give them as much benefits as American citizens just the basics food, water, shelter etc. Also is it their fault are immigration system is so bad. They can't wait forever to get in America. So they are pretty much forced to come here illegally. That's why until we get are immigration system fixed. We should provide basic needs for people including illegal immigrants.

  • Illegal aliens should have to become citizens before they can use government resources.

    I believe that free medical care, welfare, and subsidized
    public housing should be reserved for American citizens. If illegal aliens are receiving these
    services, they are draining the country’s resources. There are deserving American families that
    could use these services. Many illegal
    aliens don’t pay taxes, and they shouldn’t be able to take when they don’t

  • No, we can't afford it.

    No, illegal aliens should not receive welfare and other public benefits, because the economy cannot sustain it. Of course, it would be nice if our society could give to every person that needs help. But the government cannot create wealth simply by writing checks. There must be a limit to public benefits.

  • They should receive nothing but deportation

    Illegal aliens broke the law to be in this country. They should be deported. They should not be receiving anything from our government. And there is to be a reform on the law so anchor child cannot automatically be granted citizenship. Only child born to legal immigrants should be granted citizenship.

  • Unpopular - obvious no

    This is the only topic more unpopular than foreign aid in a public poll. This title question simply describes recipients of foreign aid coming to our country rather than staying within their own borders. No wants to see their taxes (and hard earned money taken by the government) leaving the country.

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