• Natural selection is the way to go

    I remember reading a quote from someone somewhere, in which they said that we should just legalise everything and let natural selection do it's job. Not to mention, it would solve overpopulation and leave the world a lot smarter, both in IQ and common sense. I think we should let Darwin solve this one.

  • Pro choice on everything!

    People have the right to do whatever they want to their own bodies! As long as they do not hurt anybody else there is nothing wrong with using any substance. Whether or not the substance is healthy or not it does not matter! People have the right to do whatever they want to their own bodies!

  • Boy oh boy!

    YES!!! Only certain drugs though, like marijuana. Other ones like PCP and meth need to be illegal. Meth does bad things to your body, the only thing marijuana does is help things such as: obesity, aches, stress, etc, the list could stretch for miles. Not only will it help those problems but it would provide a new tax for the USFG to issue.

  • Prohibition doesn't work and hurts both users and nonusers alike

    Prohibition has given us fatal botched drug raids on the wrong homes, an innocent nun and little girl shot down to their deaths coming back from a mission trip because they were mistaken for drug traffickers, countless innocent people killed in driveby shootings by black market drug gangs, and deaths from accidentally renting of buying homes in places previously used as illegal drug laboratories.

    And for users not only does prohibition fail to significantly deter use but it leaves users having to buy products that are often laced with far more dangerous substances than the drugs themselves or even substituted entirely with more dangerous substances. This leads to more deaths. It also socially isolates users to groups where everyone constantly approves of each other's problems, so addicts are less likely to get help. When users are caught and sent to prison that doesn't necessarily help them get clean. Drug smuggling in prisons is real and more frequent than people would imagine. And whether they can get their drugs in prison or not they end up associating with hardened criminals and often come out with hardened themselves and ready to commit all manner of violent crime even if before they were only willing to break drug laws.

    Advocates of prohibition often seem to think that the law is a silver bullet for anything that causes problems in society. It's not. The law is sometimes ineffective and in the case of drugs a ban makes things worse. We do need laws regarding drugs. Drugs made through complex chemical reactions should have to be made in factories so houses that people may buy are not contaminated. Drugs that seriously alter people's behavior like bath salts or PCP should be allowed only in the confines of a locked-in drug salon under the supervision of professionals to prevent harm to self or others, but even these drugs should be legal in that manner. That way people won't get them from street dealers and then end up hurting somebody if they have a bad trip.

  • It will decrease crime and give the nation more tax money.

    The black market opens up doors for crime. To get rid of this huge market in the black market will reduce violent acts because people owe each other money. It will turn into a professional business, instead of a sketchy one that requires guns and gangs for safety. It will also be better for the nation because it will be taxable allowing more money to flow in to the state, because it is such a huge market currently.

  • Absolutely. Anyone who thinks about it would agree.

    750,000 people are locked up every year for marijuana. These people committed a victim less crime and could be facing sentences longer than those of rape and murder. It is considered an extreme issue, when many people believe that marijuana is safer than legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco. One person who says so is actually our president Barack Obama. People who have been caught with meth or cocaine should not be put in a prison cell for it, they should be offered medical treatment and at least an educational program that can tell them the consequences of using those drugs. People will do stupid things anyway, and putting them in prison certainly does not keep them from getting all the drugs they want. The government should give us the freedom of choosing what we put in our own bodies. Threatening me with life in prison is cruel and absolutely uncalled for. We need to realize that our justice system is not perfect! WAKE UP!

  • I do a lot of drugs, first of all, and I do indeed think they should be legal.

    I have never once hit a joint, or packed a bowl and had the thought run through my head "oh no, this is illegal" and stopped. If anything, the illegality makes for a better adventure. Also, everyone who uses drugs knows they're illegal and just doesn't care. Legalizing recreational drug use would be a good start for eradicating overdoses too. If it were legal to shoot up, people would be more willing to call 911

  • People will take drugs whether they are legal or not.

    It's a waste of time and tax payers' money to put drug dealers/users in prison. People will take drugs if they want to - legal or not. It should be the individuals choice what they do either way. Drugs being illegal does not deter people from doing them, in some cases it may even encourage drug use. Much like that during prohibition in 1920s in the USA, more people drank then than when it was legal.

  • Its your body

    Other people should not have a say in what you put in your body. Why? Because its you r body, not theirs yours. If we really are free people should not have any say at all in what you put in your body. Also some drugs can acually be helpful for you.

  • Natural selection to ward off the dumb ones

    I believe we should legalize all of them. If you are dumb enough to put something in your body that you have been told is bad for you since 6th grade, go for it. The legalization of all drugs will kill off all the people who are dumb enough to use these drugs, it is simple natural selection.

  • That wont benefit society or the people or the government

    I only support legalizing weed. All other hardcore drugs are proven to be horrendous to your mental state and overall health. Imagine the education and productivity of any nation if you can get a bag of meth at your local Mcdonals and some crack at Wendy's? What would that do to our youth? Those looking to ease the pain in their lives? Our "over stressed" teens?

    Also it would not really lower the power of gangs. As they (being the ones who grew these hardcore drugs in the first place) would have the connections and capital to simply move into the legal market and make a profit there. Plus they are ADDICTIVE. It seems totally out of whack to have people become billionaires by creating a product to wire your brain so that if you don't have your dose from them, you would probably hallucinate and suffer from withdrawal.

    "Yes but if one does drugs then they aren't harming anyone"

    Actually they are. They are not only ruining their potential to benefit society by being addicted to mindless substance, but they are also taking our tax dollars via welfare to do more drugs because who wants a cocaine addict for an employee? They are harming themselves by killing their lives, being mindless enslaved by a drug, but are also taking up valuable space in hospitals due to things from overdoses, to skin grafts via the classic "there are ants all over me" hallucination, DUI, AUI (Acting Under Influence), etc... Hardcore drugs also mess with your mental stability, so it can REALLY give one some real ups and downs which can probably cause domestic violence. Plus all those healthcare costs would probably drive many in to bankruptcy and send insurance rates sky high.


    You even heard of the old Athenian saying "Without law there is no freedom" or "freedom without responsibility is anarchy"? Well this perfectly applies to this situation. The government should indeed guarantee its citizens freedom but also balance it with responsibility.

    Also, you do realize that its not always THEIR choice to start using drugs correct? Some try them due to force, others due to external influences, others simply do it to ease the pain or they were poorly raised and were around drugs since childbirth. Also when one starts using drugs its no longer their choice. That's what an addiction is. I think legalizing/decriminalizing weed will be fine, but anything more hardcore is not something I would approve of.

    "yeah but who are you to go around telling me what to do you fascist!"

    Well I am a simply a decent human being who cares about my fellow people and wishes that they are prevented access to things that are bound to throw them into dire peril. Those "things" would be hardcore drugs.

    I am simply a human being who does not posses this stupidly apathetic attitude.

  • Drugs are bad, mmmmkay.

    If we have drug dealers selling drugs to kids to get the hooked now, what do you think would happen if drugs were legal? There would be a dealer on every corner, every apartment building, and passing out free samples at school bus stops. Before you know it, most kids will be addicted to heavy drugs before they enter high school.
    Personally, if people stayed home while under the effects I could care less if they put a needle in their arm or a bullet in their heads, but they don't. They go out in public, influence kids, drive vehicles, and basically put the public at risk.
    I know that the hot topic drug these days is marijuana because it is used as medication. They have created a strain of it that has a much higher levels of CBD (the medical part) but with almost no THC (the part that gets people high.) If this was the only form available for legal sale then I am sure it would be quickly legalized in all states making sure that those who need it as medication can get it much sooner, but because most people only want the kind that gets you high, they are keeping those who need it from getting it. Sure, your not likely to overdose on it, but because it interferes with depth perception and coordination it makes them highly dangerous when the person is operating a vehicle or any equipment. They also claim that it is non-addictive. If that was true, then why are people freaking out trying to get it legalized? Sounds to me like they feel a need to take it.

  • Leave it to the FEDS

    Legalizing drugs would not be an optimal choice for the us or even decriminalizing them. It would create more problems for other countries and stir up more things here. Alcohol is the US only drug that should be legal and thats it. As the legalization on cannabis is rising I believe it would not completely go legal across the US. There is a clear reason that it isn't legalized, but that your own conspiracy to go into.

  • No Need to Legalize

    Illegal drugs are typically illegal for a reason. They are dangerous to take and can make others act dangerous. Making these drugs legal will not change their affects. The illegal stamp is put on to help protect society and so it should be left on. It is a deterrent to keep people from taking the drugs.

  • If there's no medical benefit, absolutely not.

    No illegal drugs should be legalized for recreational use, period. They're illegal because they are dangerous to not only the user but the people around them. People can do what they want with their bodies sure, but once it starts endangering others is where the problem arises. If there is a medical benefit then those drugs should be legalized for medical us only. Drugs are burden to society and the choices of the feeble-minded shouldn't endanger the lives of everyone else.

  • No way there bad

    Illegal drugs are bad for you and say there great if you want to die. You should think about what your doing when your taking drugs. What you should be thinking is that they will destroy dreams ,hopes , and lives. Say no say no say no. Its that simple

  • They are dangerous

    Drugs should not be legalized because they are dangerous in all types of ways, the most dangerous one being your body. No matter how many times we tell people to stop taking drugs they just will not listen but they are damaging their body and they don't even know it.

  • They are bad for u

    The make you go insane and the place would be kayos they are: discussing,horrible and nasty. I don't see why any one would want them. They are illegal for a resign. They do no good and don't help you. That is why I think NO they should NOT be legal.

  • Benefits of Recreational Drug Use are highly disputed and morality SHOULD be a factor

    There are two main methods of tackling the arguments of proponents for drug legalization, mainly by explicating upon both empirical science and a moral, predictive (preemptive as well) stance.

    Foremost, there exists great controversy surrounding the various scientific evidence that backs the positive benefits of the usage of recreational drugs. Scientists seem to handle these claims in two ways; either pointing out a lack of the scientific method being properly executed in such studies, or instead pointing to how statistics were used to skew actual conclusions and display misleading representations of data - clearly intentional on the part of liberalization proponents. Furthermore, there exists substantial backing against the legalization of drugs in academia, and from my personal analysis of these studies, they seem to show no outward flaws in execution: this assumption is reflected by an assortment of scientists as well. However, this sub-argument merely exists to point out that persuasive arguments utilizing "ethos" appeals of science are highly controversial and thus difficult to win a person over with. Thus scientific evidence, until a full conclusion can be agreed upon, is somewhat pointless to cite in debates. I merely wanted to show that since the topic is controversial, there will obviously be counterarguments to my own analysis and future scientific studies.

    But then what? If science cannot definitively rule out the legalization of drugs, then what actually stands as the barrier to liberalization?

    The age-old battle between conservatives and liberals strikes once again. The staunch traditionalists defending their status quo and the progressives again caught up in their rebellious pathos. In the most simplistic of semantics, the old ways of doing things are not necessarily counterproductive to society's overall progression. In a broad sense, morality of drug use is most obvious. Legalization makes sure youth and others know that taking drugs is legal and morally acceptable, which removes the negative stigma of the drug life in general. I should quote science once again, noting that drug use is often used as a secondary technique to alleviate one's stress levels and avoid pondering over actual problems - leading to the quintessential junkie constantly trying to escape his/her problems.

    But even that point aside, I will make a cry for united morality: should there not be a point where we as a species draw the line? Should there not be a chance for the old opinions (obviously drug use dates back much farther) to survive?

    You want the blunt truth? If no one can use science as part of their circular reasoning techniques, then there is no way to positively disprove drugs from being used. People have opinions, and all opinions are unfortunately treated equally regardless of the information, structure, or even identity of the opinion. An "ok" on drugs leads to a slippery slope leading to future legalizations of more horrid things, and eventually society WILL become morally bankrupt. As Fidel Castro once said, history will vindicate.

  • Drugs cause bad health problems and make you look horrible

    Drugs in a simple statement are bad. They make you look horrible and your breath smell bad. And don't forget all the medical conditions that come with smoking pot and all that. Its just bad for anyone. So no it should not be legalized. But if all y'all wanna ruin your teath and die from mental and medical conditions. GO AHEAD!

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