Should illegal immigrants already living in the USA be granted citizenship and immunity?

  • Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Though legal paths into this country should be encouraged, we should not prevent those currently in America from becoming citizens, because the only reason they did so is the current paths to citizenship are very slow and don't guarantee it. So, they should be granted citizenship and immunity, even though they did not come here legally.

  • There should be a very hard path indeed.

    This is a problem with no easy solution. There is a lose-lose scenario, and we must pick the lesser of two evils. It is practically impossible to leave illegals here with their current status; they live off of the benefits in society and don't pay taxes. Deporting them isn't much better; it costs 20,000 dollars per deportation, and there is 11 million illegals. Offering a challenging path to citizenship makes them pay for breaking the law, and at the same time, we profit off of them; that is hundreds of thousands of tax dollars we could be making. Imposing extremely high fines for them makes sense; it sends the message back to other countries that life in America is not good for an illegal wanting to be a legal, and at the same time, we profit off of it. Again, no solution is perfect, but doing nothing is very harmful in this situation and only one road makes sense.

  • Why not, their already here?

    Illegal immigrants are already here making money and not paying taxes. Why not just give all illegal immigrants with no "SERIOUS" criminal background and that are English speaking, citizenship. It'll probably make our economy stronger and keep us from spending so much money on keeping illegal immigrants from out our country. It probably cost way less to grant them citizenship than keep them out. By the way I'm 14.

  • No, why should they?

    For all we know, they could be mass murderers. Why should we grant them something if they illegally came into the U.S.? It would also look bad. If we try so hard to discourage theft and crime, why should we let immigrants who BROKE THE LAW immunity? We shouldn't. >:(

  • No, that sets a bad precedent.

    No, illegal immigrants already living in the United States should not be granted citizenship, because it sends a bad message to other people who are thinking of coming here illegally. It is also unfair to the people who had respect for the laws and did not make the decision to come here illegally.

  • As a rule the answer is no.

    Anyone with a criminal history should be the first to go. Then anyone that has been defrauding the government by collecting benefits need to go next. What little is left needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Immunity is definitively not something that should be just handed out. They've broken the law and should be held accountable.

  • No deport all aliens!

    Here in Texas we have a big problem with aliens. They come her illegally, they take our jobs, housing, healthcare, and get "special" treatment by the government at the expense of the law-abiding US citizens. There are over 4 million people who are waiting to become an American LEGALLY and our government should endorse and accept them, not the aliens who mock our borders and our laws. The 14 million aliens should be arrested, punished in our courts without the same rights real Americans have, and deported to the countries of origin.

  • No way in HE11

    How bout we not reward law breakers. We currently let 1M legal immigrants into this country every year. It's not exactly hard to get in legally. These people take advantage of our system, get paid under the table, pay no taxes, somehow get gov benefits, have anchor babies and send them to our already over crowded schools. Ship them all back!!!

  • They should be given it above legal Citizens.

    4.4 million Legal immigrants are waiting to become legal citizens. They have been waiting many years, too. To just hand citizenship to people who broke both US and Mexican laws would be despicable and wrong.

    You shouldn't be rewarded citizenship for breaking the law. It should only be given to the 4.4 million who did their time waiting legally.

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