Should illegal immigrants be able to obtain driver's licenses in the U.S.?

  • Illegal immigrants should be able to KEEP THEIR LICENSE!!!!!

    I think "immigrants" should be able to keep their driver's license because they have been working hard to be able to live in this country. Plus they are discriminated against just because they are "illegal" and because they are not white! Many "illegal immigrants" have worked very hard to be able to have their families live a good life. The "illegal immigrants" that live here came here for a reason. I am pretty sure that reason wasn't to be discriminated against or to have things taken away from them. These "illegal immigrants," as everybody calls them, actually have to work harder then "legal" people. The "illegal immigrants" work in oil fields and in other jobs that many "legal" people do not want to work in because it is too much work or it doesn't pay enough. You know the people that are "legal" have it easier, so even if the "illegal immigrants" are all deported, who will work in oil fields, clean offices and schools, or work in other jobs like that? I am pretty sure it won't be you, because it doesn't pay enough. "Illegal immigrants" have to work harder to get what "legal" people get. So taking away their licenses won't make everything better. At least "illegal immigrants" get and use licenses unlike other people who drive without a license. If you think "illegal immigrants" drive illegally just because they are "illegal," you make me laugh. So I will do whatever it takes to make sure that they do not have their licenses taken away!

  • It is the right thing to do.

    While we might think it wrong, it is the right thing to do. We must put aside all out differences and consider that this is the right humane thing to do. Humanity must change its mentality and remember that those who broke the law are still humans and deserve another chance. As a matter of fact they broke the law with the intention of making a better life. It is because America has stood for equality and opportunity that so many are drawn to it and it is for that reason many would risk breaking the law to be part of America. Consider it a privilege that so many want to be part of America. At the end of it all, we will be making life better for friends, family, school mates, partners and our neighbors.

    May we all strive to do the right thing.

  • Of course they should!!

    First of all illegal immigrants should be able to get a drivers license. A lot of people are saying that that illegal immigrants are criminals, that is one of the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I being living in California for 17 years and most of the criminals I seen on the news and in person were US citizens. I think that if illegal immigrants have a criminal record they shouldn't but that's not all immigrants, A lot work hard and they deserve a driving license.

  • Because every one is equal.

    God made us all equal, from Mexico to Chinatown. No one should be left behind; we all have to become equal. American or not, they come over here to start a better life, and if a Hindu gets a driver's license, a Mexican should get one too. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Yes they should.

    They should because many immigrants want to drive places like to different states because they want to go visit there family to different states, Immigrants also have the right to work not only American born citizens. We also want to go to parties and other places that many people like to go to.

  • Of course they should!

    Many of you don't know why these people come to the US. They live in very poor conditions and that is the only choice they have. And to the people that think that you can just go to an office and get a valid SSN you are very wrong. It takes many years to go through the process. If illegal immigrants are driving on our roads we might as well grant them the privilege to drive. If we granted them that privilege there would be less hit and run accidents and they would carry insurance.

  • yes, Everyone should have a license; even illegals

    If you take the time to think about it, Indians and the Spanish are the only true citizens of this country. All the rest of you are from generations of other countries. "Illegals" having a licesne means more money for the government, Insurance, Vehicle taxes Ect. Don"t be so Racist. All the people I know work hard and take nothing from the government. Grow up and stop being so selfish. That is what" wrong with this country. Cj

  • Yes they should

    America claims to be a "FREE COUNTRY" obviously not! I believe that illegal immigrants should be able to get a drivers license if they carry a clean record. Immigrants might be here ilegally, but if we think about it they are paying taxes and bills just like anybody else in this country.

  • As long as illegal immigrants are in the U.S. and driving, they should need to meet the minimum driving standards to obtaining a license.

    If illegal immigrants were not allowed to obtain driver's licenses, they will continue driving, and it will not result in their deportment. If illegal immigrants are allowed to obtain driver's licenses, they will continue driving, and it will not result in their deportment. Essentially, nothing about the status or behavior of immigrants changes if they are allowed to get driver's licenses. All other things being equal, illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain driver's licenses. It will ensure that at least some of them meet the minimum requirements for driving, and promote living within the law.

    Posted by: A Bass
  • Illegal immigrants are allowed to have jobs, so why shouldn't they be allowed to have licenses?

    Why shouldn't they be able to have driver's licenses if they have jobs in the U.S.? Why shouldn't they be allowed to drive if they're allowed to do everything else? Denying driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is like saying someone can buy shoes but can't buy socks. Because we cannot completely prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining jobs in the U.S., we should allow them to have driver's licenses, if only because it will be safer for citizens (i.e., they will probably drive anyway, despite the laws, which might be dangerous if they don't have the requisite skill level). Allowing illegal immigrants to obtain licenses will ensure that there are safer, more skilled drivers on the road.

  • Are you kidding!?

    Absolutely not! Ever heard the phrase, "driving is a privilage, not a right". Arrest and deport is the only answer to this growing problem. No US citizen should have to compete with illegals for anything. Not food, housing, health care, schooling, JOBS - NOTHING!

    Illegals have ZERO rights to anything in America and that includes driving a car on our roads.

  • They shouldn't be given more rights when they pay no taxes.

    Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes or even have Social Security... These means they are hiking along for ALL the same privileges as honest tax-paying Americans, but with out the taxes. The biggest issue is in insurance... If you get in a car wreck with an illegal immigrant, your screwed... He has no identification or insurance to pay for your car. We shouldn't give equal right to people who aren't paying their fair share and didn't even come here legally.

  • USA needs to do their job

    Illegals cannot read or write English and therefore cannot take a test or read road signs. USA should not be accomodating spanish speaking or any other language by allowing them to take tests in their own language. Additionally Illegals should be deported as they have now committed a crime by entering the USA illegally. If Luis Guiterrez in Illinois wishes to be an advocate for Illegals, he should move to Mexico and take his stance there.

  • Seriously?

    The only thing illegal immigrants should get is deported. I don't know why people advocate giving things to illegal immigrants, just get rid of them. The immigration system needs reform, but in no way are we bound to respect people who decide to ignore our laws for their own benefit. It doesn't matter if you're paying taxes and bills, you're still breaking the law. For some reason, it seems to me that people like to ignore the "illegal" part in "illegal immigration".

  • No Way - Jose (pardon the pun)

    ILLEGAL means you are breaking the law, you are a criminal, albeit not a convicted one because in may areas you cannot arrest or even detain an illegal immigrant. THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST LAW THAT IS ENFORCED. Why do the law abiding tax payers have to support these illegals. We do the charitable thing and support our own criminals in our prisons. You have to draw the line somewhere. Ship them all out, like cargo, not passengers.

  • Drivers license for illegal immigrants?

    It's surprising to me that this is even a valid question. I already know a certain group will jump on my back for stating my opinion so for those I speak of say what you will, it matters not!OK, the simple answer... Because they are illegally in the country! What other countries tolerate illegal immigration like the U.S. Does? Maybe Britain, other than that none! Before those of you from Mexico run your mouths, why don't you educate yourselves on how your country treats illegal immigration then come and talk to me. I've noticed on this thread the worn out tired statement that Americans are lazy and illegals do the jobs Americans don't want. This has validity to an extremely small degree. I've been in the construction business for many years and witness first hand the FACTS! Illegal immigrants take jobs from skilled quality workers on a large scale! No, not because Americans don't want to work but because Americans cannot financially compete with a group of people who can afford to work for low wages because often times they have multiple families sharing the expense of one household. I've personally witnessed this scenario time and again so it's pointless to try and deny this as it is as factual as it gets. I cannot blame people for pursuing a better life but I have. A big problem with it when it's at the expense of people who are in America legally. Secondly, it sure seems to me that the immigrants from the Latin group want nothing to do with being American, it seems as though most want to come here and push America to conform to their ways! So if they want to benefit from the society my ancestors built but don't want to put forth any effort to be American then why the hell should they deserve an American drivers license?

  • Why should we give criminals a license?

    They simply have no respect for the USA. They come to take our jobs and over breed there population to outnumber the American society. They care nothing about our laws. Why give them another advantage? If anything, we need enforcement of our laws. The US is too soft on illegals, that's why they keep coming back time after time. Something tougher needs to be done

  • Are they in this Country Legally? Have they Broken Laws?

    If a citizen wants a driving license they must follow a process, and must be able to lawfully
    be of age, take the examines, have no criminal charges that would prohibit the license, read the traffic signs, and take the test. Also have insurance etc. All of these things are required by law. But if a citizen cannot or fails to provide or pass the requirements to achieve these things then they
    cannot drive. Its against the law.

  • No, because it is just not fair.

    They come to our country illegally and then they get rewarded with a driver's license! They are not supposed to be here and then if they come they get rewarded! Then they will bring back friends and then all those people will get a driver's license! people wrote that they will drive more carefully. They only will so they don't get in jail and be sent back to their own country! Do you see my point yet? Did you change your mind if you said yes?

  • NOT in a million years

    Illegal immigrants should not be able to obtain a driver's licenses in the U.S. I think the most important word in this question is "ILLEGAL" immigrants. Granted America is known as the "melting pot", however there are certain laws and regulations to follow to become a legal immigrant. Those who do not or will not abide by these laws should not receive anything from the United States. That means no welfare, no health care and no drivers licenses. It seems to me that by allowing all of these things to be given to illegal immigrants there is no longer any drive for them to become legal.

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Natasha-secret says2013-03-02T03:43:07.620
People in orange line - who are you? Who are you to judge us? Are you Indians? Or all of you here God? NO YOU ARE HERE SECOND OR THIRD GENERATION OF IMMIGRANTS. You believe that vegetables grow up in supermarket, some of you think that you are Americans do everything - ha. You're wrong - You travel? You stay in hotel? Sure! who cleans your room before and after? You go in a car wash? Sure! Who washes your car? You using house cleaning? Sure! Who will come to you to clean? You go restaurants? Sure! Who will come by your table to bring you water? And who will clean your table after you're done? STOP THINKING OF us that we can't live here. USA this is country for everybody, for any nationality. And I am not a Mexican - I'm Russian and i didn't come here illegally. I came here legally. 11 days be for 9.11.2001, i came here to study but in 11 days later all change, from that day i am here - with out driver's licenses and USA ID. And i am not a bad person, i work hard, 12 hours a day, i pay car insurance full coverage but i must drive with international driver's licenses, and when i get stopped by police they confiscated my license, then i go to court house. And then i still will print new driver's licenses at home on my printer, But i still will drive to work, i am not gonna live under bridge, did you ever see immigrants under bridge? or immigrants begging for money? NO WAY! Immigrants came here for work. So think be for you start hating us.
Anonymous says2013-09-18T15:05:01.917
That argument is irrelevant, open migration in the United States is more than 200 years old. Just because it was founded on imigrants does not mean that we can not restrict . If you are such a good person then why didn't you apply for a work visa, and then for citenzenship.