Should illegal Immigrants be allowed in America

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  • They are beneficial

    Illegal immigrants should be allowed in America because they are beneficial. How many of you with gardeners have Mexican gardeners. I know I have! The reason why most Mexicans come up to America is because we have it good. However were to busy with getting into people's affairs! How are Americans going to benefit America while were too busy worrying about freaking Mexicans as they are benefiting America!

  • They are not U.S citizens

    They should go through the process to become a U.S citizen. Why should they stay here if they are not legal? They are only taking away from the hardworking people in America. They are soaking up America benefits. It is unfair and they should stay in their country if they are not legal.

  • Hello? McFly !!!

    What part of illegal don't you understand? If you entered another country, illegally, do you think you should be allowed to stay? They would kick you out, in a heart beat. The same thing we should be doing in the US. If someone breaks the law, they should suffer the consequences. We have laws for a reason. If they want in, then they can go through the immigration process. That's what it's there for.

  • Do you think that a burglar should be allowed in your home?

    There is a reason why they are called ILLEGAL immigrants. They are not suppose to be here. If they wish to come here to live, they should have to do it the legal way as my ancestors did. My ancestors came here to escape persecution in Europe at the time not just to earn more money to ship back to their homeland. They left everything behind and paid for passage here. Though they had to, in a way, sneak out of their country, they did not sneak into the U.S. but checked in at Ellis Island. They willingly gave up their own heritage in trade to become Americans unlike the illegal immigrants who expect us to speak their language and accept their traditions. Why on earth would the U.S. celebrate a foreign countries independence? Sure, many of them work illegally doing jobs that many Americans would not do, but I come from a family who does do the jobs that they are taking over. We have citizens who mow laws, harvest vegetables, bus tables, clean hotel rooms, and clean restrooms.
    I understand that many vegetable farms hire illegals to harvest. They claim that without hiring illegals they could not function as a farm. Well, this is the same excuse the south gave to slavery but they managed to keep going after the mechanized. If we can harvest other crops through mechanization we can harvest theirs as well. In fact, it sounds like a good reason for inventors to create such things and create jobs here to manufacture them. Once the machinery is in use, it will probably be an even more cost effective method of harvesting.

  • This is a tricky question to answer.

    No. You should enter the U.S. legally, as well as you should enter any other country legally.

    However, the US as limitations as to how many Mexicans enter the country. And that's why we need to do something so that more Mexicans can enter the country, so that they will not enter illegally.

    Also, if an illegal immigrant has been living in the US for more than 15 to 20 years, I say let them stay. If he/she has been working for all those years and have had a family, why kick them out? And send them back to their country were they could possibly go homeless?

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GWL-CPA says2014-04-02T02:39:13.870
Of course not, but President Obama does not care.

My wife and two stepchildren are legally here from Canada. All those illegal Mexican immigrants need to be send back yesterday.

The double border fence needs to be finished, and manned with 50,000 more troops doing patrols 24-7.

All employers that hire illegals, need to be fined millions.

Any mayor that allows safe havens should be put in jail for life.