Should illegal immigrants be allowed in the millitary

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  • True American Patriots

    I am generally against illegal immigration for many of the same reasons as those who are against illegal immigrants in the military. However, my stance against illegal immigration comes from the idea that illegals contribute nothing positive to society overall. But if illegal immigrants are in the military, that means they are contributing and are fighting for America - which is their country when they fight for it. Soldiers are a type of patriot most Americans will never come close to, so why can't we let illegals prove themselves to truly want to be part of contributing America by risking themselves for the greater good?

  • Of course not

    Illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans and cost America enough as it is. We should be making it HARDER for illegal immigrants to survive in America and EASIER for the feds to find them. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to be employed and should be deported and forced to immigrate legally! HOWEVER, I do not think that they should be deported until the immigration system is reformed.

  • Putting these criminals in our nation's military has never been a good idea.

    For starters, it has been reported that the drug cartels of Central and South America have actually sent people to the United States with the intention of having them serve in the military to become more effective in conflicts with other cartels. Knowing that we actually have trained criminals through our military outreach programs should be an embarrassing mark on our conscience.

    This factor aside, there are other reasons we shouldn't do that.

    Let's look at the language barrier. Do you honestly expect the citizens with the first language of English to perform as proficiently with unprepared immigrant peoples that do not share the same proficiencies in our language? We can not demand that our soldiers learn a second language for the exclusive sake of serving alongside law-breakers, and we can not demand that these law-breakers learn every word of English to be decent combatants in a war. It's not sane to expect a proficient military force to come out of this deal, especially given how much we spend on every individual soldier.

    Finally, these are illegal immigrants we're talking about. People that willingly broke a law. Putting weapons into the hands of criminals and giving them the same merit as our own soldiers and legal immigrants in the military is not only offensive to legal citizens and immigrants, but corrosive to the structure of our military.

    We may be better off hiring El Chapo as a military contractor.

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