• Yes,illegal aliens should be allowed to drive cars.

    For the safety of the overall public,illegal aliens should be allowed to drive cars.The key to this type of policy is to make sure all drivers are licensed.This will add a layer of accountability to drivers and their responsibility for any accidents or incidents that might come up on an occasional basis.

  • Driving is not a privilege, It's a right.

    Anyone who says that someone should not be allowed to drive just because they do not look the same as you or speak the same language as you is so wrong. The human brain is amazing and it knows what colors and signs indicate, Even thought they may be in another language. They don't pose a threat to public safety and will pose less of a threat if they are allowed to take the appropriate measures in order to drive.

  • Illegal immigration is a crime

    They are bad for the economy. It is harder to get jobs because of them. If they can drive they can leave the border. They should be killed on sight. I hate illegal immigration. It is an act of treason which is punishable by death. I bet all the people that said yes are immigrants as well.

  • Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to drive cars.

    The idea of allowing illegal immigrants to drive cars is an absurd notion. Driving is a privilege and not a human right. The ability to engage in any activity that requires an individual to undergo a licensing and registration process should not be granted to an undocumented resident. The whole point of requiring vehicle registration and the licensing of drivers is to maintain the public safety. Illegal immigrant drivers present the potential for danger.

  • Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to drive cars.

    Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to drive cars. The fact that they come to this country illegally means they are not entitled to any privilege our country has to offer, Including driving. We have no way of record checks or proper background checks on illegal immigrants, no way to know if any crimes have been committed, if they are safe drivers etc.

  • It's an incentive.

    No, illegal immigrants should not be allowed to drive cars, because their being able to drive cars is one way they are attracted to this country. A person who is thinking of coming here illegally should know that life will be difficult. If they cannot drive cars, it will also be a good way to find them for deportation.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to drive cars. I feel like we need to address immigration law quickly and decisively so we don't have to debate topics such as this. Citizens should be allowed to drive and anyone who can actually prove their citizenship through paper work. Beyond that, I say no.

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