Should illegal immigrants be allowed to get an education in the U.S.?

  • They are American

    I don't understand why there is even a debate. Our country is supposed to be one about opportunity. It just breaks my heart how people treat undocumented individuals as if they aren't even human. They're just people like you and me. Please grow a heart and stop being so discriminatory.

  • They need our help!

    First off why are they coming to our Country? They are coming, because they need our help. There is many possible reasons, but mostly opportunity. They need a safe place to live, have a job, and support there family's. So why should we kick them and there children out. We have great places to educate children. So why can't they come here and learn? I have no problem with my tax money supporting that. Well actually my parents because I'm in 8th grade.

  • More Immigrants are the reason for high scores

    I go to a high school that is top 23 in the nation and most students are children of immigrant parents or they are immigrants. Each year these students bust their life just trying to get into a good university to make it big in life, they appreciate everything. Unlike native born Americans seem to take everything for advantage lately. Give the immigrants their education because if they don't who will?

  • They deserve an opportunity.

    The children of illegal immigrants in America should be required to receive a public education like the rest of the children. It is important that these children be educated in order for them to take part and play a role in our society by becoming a productive, law-abiding, tax-paying citizen. Having the privilege of being an active member of our society when they have reached adulthood will allow them to contribute not only to our society, but to our economy as well and to do otherwise would be counterproductive. Furthermore, to take away a child's opportunity to an education may be taking away their opportunity to flourish and do great things, such as Walt Disney, whose father was an Irish-Canadian immigrant. By failing to provide an equal chance to these children due to their or their parents immigration status would contradict the notion that America is the land of opportunity.

  • After Immigrants Get an Education, They Pay Taxes

    Illegal immigrants deserve a chance at a better life. In doing so, they need to be educated. Although illegal immigrants don't necessarily pay taxes, amnesty should be offered to them so they can become working citizens who pay income taxes just like everyone else. The American Dream shouldn't die for those beyond our borders as the hope of a better life is what draws people here in the first place.

  • It is just

    We are doing a Lincoln-Douglass debate on this topic in my English class currently and I believe that illegal immigrant children deserve the same basic right to education that the rest of us get. They were not provided with a choice to enter our country or not, they could either join their parents or stay orphaned in Mexico, what would you chose?

  • Who said they don't pay taxes

    Every employer withdraw money from every pay check of an undocumented immigrant. What happen after is that they get a pin and are not allow to claim money back instead they have to pay back so they do pay taxes that they can not claim and when we everyone including them buy anything in this country they DO pay taxes so whoever that said that they don't should be more inform so they can give a logical opinion not just a I think opinion.

  • Yes they should

    It does the country no good to prevent children from receiving their education because they are the future. We are only hurting ourselves by preventing the new era from growing and helping to expand our great country. Not all these illegal immigrants came here just to sneak in for the hell of it, but because they had no other choice. Many people who say that they are stealing all our jobs and money are wrong. Those people are just too lazy to get up and do something themselves. They should be able to handle a little competition. Why give a job to someone who is afraid of competing with others and being lost and all they do is complain. Just work hard on your own and you won't lose your job. The person more suited for the job will get it.

  • Immigrants have the right to learn just like the rest of us.

    They may not be from America, but they have the right just like any other human to learn, no matter where they come from. Being an immigrant is just a figure of speech made up by another human. Which doesn't necessarily make it right. It just classifies them as a "lower class" person.

  • As a path to citizenship, yes.

    If an illegal immigrant, particularly a young one, wants to get an American education as a path to citizenship, I think this should be encouraged. Children should not be punished for being illegal simply because their parents were. However, there should always be an intent to become a citizen and a productive member of US society.

  • Why should you get a free ride?

    I am not an illegal, I am hurting for an education just as much as you are. I want to advance my knowledge and succeed in life just as much as you do. Yes you are human. But you are illegal, so why should that make you special? I was born and raised in California and I'm struggling to pay tuition, while I watch you the illegal get a free ride. What for? Why should you be placed ahead of me? THIS IS WRONG no wonder America is no longer number one we got too soft and greedy.

  • They contribute to our country

    If they want to come to America, then fine, but do it legally. Illegal immigrants come to our country and take advantage of us. We shouldn't have to spend our money making sure criminals and lazy immigrants get a education. We need to spend our money helping our own children.

  • It needs to be fixed

    They are killing our tax base! Our schools are being sacrificed and the budgets are out of control. They live 10 or more in one house and send 6 unrelated kids to school from that one house!! Open your eyes America. Nobody does anything about it, they are driving uninsured cars with no licenses !! Who is paying for this? AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!

  • Illegal is the operative word here!

    First off, they are ILLEGAL; would you give a criminal free money? Most would say no, but then over half of the people here are saying yes! Also, I was denied financial aid as an american citizen, not because I made enough money or anything, but because they "no longer had the funding"! So myself as an american citizen gets told no when a CRIMINAL who entered our country ILLEGALLY gets told "Here! Take this money for a free education!" at the expense of citizens like myself who want, and used to have, the chance to get an education to better my chances for a job in the current economy. We already give these criminals free money through so many other government avenues, now we are taking money from legal citizens and throwing it at illegal aliens. Sad is what it is.

  • They should be educated

    They didn't choose to come her but the have to have the same rights. They can have the same rights they try to study here in the U.S.
    They are part immigrants they are born here to. Education is free so anyone can come for education in the U.S TO STUDY.

  • They are not just immigrants.

    They are ILLEGAL immigrants. While I do believe everyone has the right to get an education, they do NOT have a right to get an education in America. If they want an education do it in their country where they are a LEGAL citizen. If they want an American education then fill out the proper paperwork and make it happen. All we are doing is giving more people more reason to smuggle themselves into our country illegally and work off of our system. Our country is absolutely ridiculous for allowing this to happen. Next they will want free money from us because they can't find a job in our country because they are illegal, oh wait... They have already asked. They absolutely should not get an education in our country unless they go through the proper channels. That is the law. Plain and simple. I love how our government sets all of these rules in place but doesn't feel the need to follow the rules themselves.

  • They should pay taxes like we are

    I have nothing against them getting an education, but it shouldn't be free; my parents gave us a good education and we were thankful for that, but when I went to college, I paid for that; I was part of the workforce for twelve years, until I went on permanent disability, so it's not fair to see an illegal get the free benefits that I, a US citizen worked so hard to get; if they want to be in this country,go through the channels to be legal and they should pay taxes like we're doing!

  • I don't think it's fair to those of us born here who pay into the system and pay taxes and they don't!

    My grandparents came to this country legally, so we were born in this country; I worked my ass off for twelve years and yes,I paid taxes just like everybody else and I find it unfair that an illegal can just cross here and get freebies like top hospital treatment and not pay a dime when I got hospital bills staring at me in the face; so I say if they want to be in this country, they should pay taxes like everybody else and if they want benefits, then bust your ass like I and everyone else in this country did!

  • Unfair to Taxpayers

    Almost all citizens struggle to pay taxes anyway, why pay an extra 15,000-19,000 dollars for an illegal student! I live in NJ where taxes are high, it ain't fair I gotta pay for a child who shouldn't be here! Immigrants should go to Ellis Island to become a citizen. Geez.

  • Something is wrong with this picture....

    Schools shouldn't subsidize illegal immigrants when our own children, born and raised Americans, can't go to school because they can't afford to go. The parents of American children need subsidies to help send their children to school so we as Americans can succeed and flourish. All illegal immigrants should aspire to become a citizen, if America is good enough to help them then they should be grateful and give back by becoming a citizen.People need to wake up to this situation because America and our American children will be at the end of the line.

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