Should illegal immigrants be allowed to get drivers licenses?

Asked by: johans123
  • I don't see a problem with it

    If these people have drivers licenses in their country, then why can't they get one in the United States? Do people really think they're more "reckless" or "stupid" because they're from a different country? Come on now, there shouldn't be a problem with it, the people that do have a problem with it are conservatives

  • I think that immigrants should have rights to have drivers licenses because everyone must be treated equally.

    In 1776 Thomas Jefferson said that every men and every women should be treated equally. Southern people are just like anyone else in this world. The president should allow immigrants to be free and be able to drive their selves, and not have to take the bus or any other transportation rather than their own car

  • As long as they pay the same expenses and take the same tests that we do to obtain it.

    I don't care if you are here legally, illegally, or were born here, just be good at driving and changing lanes.

    As long as you are insured, have passed the same driving test as the rest of us, and paid the same taxes and fees to acquire the license. People have to work and get things done, and sometimes public transit is way out of the way.

    Posted by: nt86
  • They are here illegally.

    These people are here illegally. They should not get driver's licenses or any such privileges because they should not be here in the first place. Instead, they should be deported and have to enter our country through the proper legal channels in order to get an I.D. From the United States.

  • Why should we?

    If they do not have the respect for us to get legit Immigration documents, why should we give them the respect by giving them a drivers license?
    Justice has to be served upon these individuals, and last I heard, that does not include wasting respect and drivers licenses on them.

  • By all accounts, they should be shot on sight.

    If you are entering a country illegally, a case could be made for you committing espionage, which is a felony. In this case, you, an idiotic person trying to slip into America, should probably be deported, with a repeat offense netting you a nice bullet to the head. I could care less whether you're trying to improve your life when you come here and ruin it for the rest of us.

  • Not for this country.

    By all means, they can go back to the country they belong in and get a drivers licence. Then they can just stay there. As far as getting a U.S. license, what for? They should not even be here in the first place. After all, they are ILLEGAL immigrants so they are here illegally in the first place. If your worried about them having to take a bus, they only have one more bus to catch, the one that takes them back to the country they belong in.

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onemanitoban says2015-03-29T06:41:15.097
How could an illegal immigrant even get a driver's license without being discovered and deported? I needed two forms of valid government ID (passport, health card, birth certificate, etc) and some sort of professional correspondence addressed to me (ex, a bank statement) to apply for a drivers license in Manitoba. Maybe it's easier to apply for one in the United States, but there must be some kind of documents you have to submit to prove your identity.