Should illegal immigrants be allowed to have driver's licenses in the United States?

  • America destabilized Central America

    We created banana republics and overthrew democratically elected leaders. We also need labor for jobs that Americans don't want to do. We should welcome immigrants and expand programs for them to enter legally. A driver's license helps to ensure that immigrants won't leave the scene of accidents based on their fear of being deported.

  • Yes why not?

    Illegal immigrants deserve a better life and thats what there trying to find the United states of America has over a million illegal immigrants living i think they should all deserve a drivers license. I think they should have one but only use for driving purposes only and not ID purposes.

  • Yes, With a few conditions

    Anyone who can pass the licensing tests and is a resident of the state where they are applying should be able to get a license. It is a document allowing the person to drive. However, Licenses for illegal immigrants or those who can’t produce documentation establishing US residency should prominently indicate that the license cannot be used for federal ID purposes, Including boarding a plane. Allowing the undocumented to get driver’s license will make roads safer as all driver license holders have been tested. And it will reduce the likelihood that the undocumented will attempt to flee from the police.

  • Yes, No matter were they are from they should be able to obtain a drivers license.

    I do understand why people make it seem, Like they are taking there license away from them to give to someone else. When any of us travel to a different country we are able to drive with a temporary license so why can't we do the same. Why can't we grant at least temporary licenses. People are to closed minded and there are only getting worse. People that are in the U. S should be able to take a driving test and if they pass at least receive a temporary license.

  • Yes, they should.

    I believe that if a person is already illegal in the country, she will continue driving without the Driver License. This would put the community at greater risk. Not to mention that Driver License permission for illegal immigrants would benefit the government in having better statistics regarding illegal immigrants. Another point are the taxes collected, because as I said, the illegal immigrant will continue driving, so why not legalize?

  • Yes, they should!

    I think they should. Most of the illegal immigrants in the US are here to give their family a better life. Because they are not able to get their licenses they have a hard time applying for jobs, and also have to pay off tickets for no license. Everyone here is here to have a "better life". Btu the people here do not want to be equal and give everyone the chance to obtain their license, just because they are a different race.

  • Most of them HAVE driver's licenses. The question is if those are valid in the USA.

    To begin with an example: I have a European driver's license, which is valid in the USA. European drivers licenses have no expiration date. If I would immigrate into the USA, legally or illegally, I would have one. The same is valid for Mexicans, Cubans, Russians and "Wherever-They-Come-From's". Some of them have one, some of them don't. The question is a question of validity in the USA. Some US States to my knowledge request immigrants after a certain time to change their national home license into an US driver's license, which is a pure administrative act, the original license is kept. Illegal immigrants have no official time point of entering the USA, that request therefore does not apply to them. In summary: where is the problem?

  • Yes, they should

    They should be able to drive if they have a license in another country. Its hard to check those kinds of things,but if you can drive at home, why can't you drive abroad. If we could all put our heads together and make a global system that keeps track of that sort of thing, it wouldn't be an issue.

  • Why should they?

    If you are here or in any country illegally you do not have the right to drive. In NJ we need 6 points of ID to get a license. What will an illegal use? And if illegals don't need 6 points then why should a citizen? I have seen my friends parents struggle with their visas and going through the immigration process. However, They went through the process and now US citizens. They didn't come into this country illegally and demand a place to live, Food, Jobs, Health, And now drivers license. They their illegal kids go to school, Get free lunch, & now go to college.

  • Illegal residents should not have licenses!

    What I've found is that traffic has increased drastically, and the license test is a joke! I can't understand what the government was thinking by encouraging this measure! There are answers to all test questions online, and the testers usually follow a set route. That means anyone with a below average IQ can obtain a license. This makes the roads much more dangerous, and places a burden on taxpayers.

  • Illegal immigrants shouln notbe allowed to have driver's licenses in the United States

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  • No, they should not.

    The reason illegal immigrants should not have driver's licenses in the united states is because when you have this form of ID, it basically makes you a citizen. It would make no sense for a non-citizen to have a driver's licens in the United States. Make the path to citizenship easier.

  • No, some citizens can't even get one.

    No, a driver's license is for citizens and legal immigrants. You need an address, insurance, and other things to apply. If you are an illegal immigrant, there is no legal way for you to have those things. Nor should you be allowed to enjoy things that some citizens can't even get.

  • Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to have a drivers license

    I don't care where the illegal immigrants are from, they should not be allowed to have a drivers license in the United States. As a former immigrant who came to this country the legal way, I had to do a lot to get my license, and everything I did was legal. I don't think illegals should have the same privilege, but then again, if they have contributed to society in positive ways and their community, then an exception could be made.

  • No, illegal immigrants should not be allowed to have driver's licenses in the United States.

    Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to have driver's licenses in the United States. If they are illegal immigrants, I want them to have the hardest lifestyle possible. Illegal immigrants should never be able to afford a car, so they absolutely should not get a driver's license. I do not even want them driving a taxi, because they are illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants should absolutely have the same rights as any Americans in the United states, but illegal immigrants should be kicked out. The United States has a system, and citizenship is a privilege and a responsibility.

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