Should illegal immigrants be allowed to join the military

Asked by: starwarsnut
  • Yes they should !

    All of those undocumented immigrants, through their willingness to shed blood to protect the rest of us, have earned the right to call themselves “American citizen.”Let us give them a pathway to citizenship. Our military will be the better for it. So will the United States of America ! !

  • Immigrants forever to stay!

    We aren't the only people who have rights. They are human too. Whites and stupid and immigrants actually use their heads. We shouldn't take their rights away because we want too. We shouldn't be the bad guy here, they are human are they not? So why kick them when they can't kick us?

  • This should be a path to citizenship for the immigrant and their family

    We should offer illegal immigrants as rehabilitation service in the military. Then give their family legal status, and after serving long enough they will get citizenship.

    There should be other requirements too. Teach them English if they haven't learned it already.

    For those who can't do military for what ever reason offer them Americorps or the Peace Corps for some number of years.

  • Yes and here's why

    Just to remind potential opponents, this is a quasi-debate on whether or not immigrants should be ALLOWED to join the military. Not if they CAN, exactly. Anyway, my answer is rather short an simple and has more of a proposal feel to it.

    I believe that service in our nation's military could potentially be a good gateway to citizenship, or it should at least shorten up the process and protect families from being deported. In the armed forces, immigrants, whether they're hispanic or not, should be taught English, our own history as a country, skills, communication skills, and of course, logic. All while their families at home can be saved from deportation.
    This would also stop so many children coming from immigrant parents from committing crimes, as they will have a very strong father (or mother) figure who has control over the household. In the end, these immigrant vets will be repaid for their service with citizenship and obviously a reasonable amount of money

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