• All illegals should be deported regardless of country of origin!

    My parents came to this country legally and I don't understand why other people can't or won't do that; apply to legally immigrate to the United States. If the U.S. Is afraid to deport all those illegals (Polish, Arabs, Hispanic, etc., etc.), due to the expense then here's an answer:
    Deport them from their country of origin and send the bill to the country of origin (room, board, plane fair, law enforcement expenses, etc), I bet then the immigration problem will slow to a trickle. I am tired of my taxes going to illegals who use the welfare system and I am very tired AND MAD that out government allows welfare for illegals; it should be for U.S. Citizens &/or LEGAL immigrants. The government won't listen to us (voters) anymore, so we need to have a federal referendum abolishing welfare for illegal immigrants and having all illegals deported, whether they did a crime here or not; coming to the U.S. Illegally is crime to me but the U.S. Government does not think so, unless the illegal immigrant does some other crime like drugs, DUI, theft, murder, etc. Deport them all and make their country of origin pay us back for the expenses incurred as a result of their deportation!

  • Stop discriminating others

    Because most of you who are saying they should de deported have one descendent that was an immigrant. Stop hating. We are all human beings. I don't now how it's so wrong for them to come over here when most of the times American are vacationing in their home country. I'm American I travel around the globe, more than half of the tourist I come across are American. So if it is bad for them to come here, don't even think about going to places like Mexico City, Paris, Britain, etc.

  • All illegals should be allowed to leave voluntarily or be deported.

    Since 1492, there has been an influx of European Illegals entering this country. From there, all countries are represented by illegal immigrants in America. It is time we put a stop to all this illegal immigration. If you are not a direct descendant of a Native American, then you and your family are illegal and should be deported to the country of your ancestors.

  • Illegal Immigration is a "silent" take-over

    There are too many illegal immigrants over here as well as legal ones. I feel that they should be deported. They are messing up our economy...Yes they are! There are soooo many Americans who do not have a job and would be happy to get a lower paying job if companies would stop hiring illegals. I blame the companies more than anything simply because if they would NOT HIRE illegals we would NOT have illegals sh*t-storming our country. I am a natural born American who would love to get out of my own country to get away from all the illegals, but then I would be just as bad as them even though I would go through legal channels to do so.

    They are taking over anyways, the government is allowing this to happen. I mean America is becoming a second Mexico folks. In 20 years it will be called United States of Mexico, with United Mexican States below....Think about it, it will happen if nothing is strictly done to stop it . I for one am tired of paying taxes to enforce laws that never work and to secure borders that never is secure. Do your effin jobs or get replaced by an illegal!

  • The True Mexican System! Lots of stealing.

    Mexicans only take care of their own. The legal Mexicans will get management jobs and as soon as it happens game over. They hire their illegal compadres and deny Americans the jobs. I know several illegals who work In my field making 100k a year. These jobs could go to Americans but the entire system has been over run by Mexicans and they only hire other Mexicans and they use stolen social security numbers. A man from California was denied financial assistance with a medical procedure he needed because an illegal Mexican in my town was using his social security number making 100k a year. The sick part about it is nothing was ever done. I did a count within my company and 47% of the employees in my department are illegal and I make damn good money. These illegals are dumber than a box of rocks and can't even read yet their legal buddies ensure them a job. The worst part about these people is how racist they are. Sure they will smile to your face but they hate white people with a passion. Nearly all of them are constantly quoting racist comments against whites. I see this spreading in the next 20 years and I eventually see the United States splitting up because Mexico's corruption will spread here as soon as half their citizens are living over here. They don't think like Americans and they hate us. It would amaze you how these people take advantage of our system. I could go on and on and on. Now make no mistake I have no issues with Americans from Mexican decent born on American Soil. I am against the illegals that are destroying our country. I don't trust people who were born outside of the US easily. Even the legal ones help the illegal ones cheat the system.

  • R u kidding me man, they should not be deported

    I think that illegal immigrants should not be deported because they need to live a life, too! What if they did not have enough money to pay including the tax to go all the way back to the country. Think about it, what if it was a poor old homeless man in the winter while it is snowing and he is just standing there. He doesn't have enough money to go to the store and buy himself clothes. Maybe he doesn't have any money. That hopeless man on the street is just like the illegal immigrants. They probably spent all their money just going to the united states and don't have any more to leave the united states and go back to their country. Besides they need to live, too!

  • No one should be allowed here illegally

    Illegal immigrants are just that. Illegal. Illegal immigrants should have no rights in this country and no support the same way an American criminal has no rights or support. They are an economic burden to the people, they take jobs from Americans because businesses don't wan't to hire a citizen that get's 7.25 an hour vs an illegal who gets maybe 2 dollars a day. No one, no matter how bad their circumstances, has the right to break American law every day they are here illegally, and not incur any punishment

  • Deport Illegals now

    Illegals are not innocent victims "living in the shadows." If it is so bad then why do they keep coming? They come here willingly then complain their not getting enough. They ignore our laws then openly protest and demand we change to better suit them. They demand all the privileges without any responsibility. Obama continues to condone illegal immigration by blocking enforcement of current immigration laws. Obama grants amnesty to illegal children up to the age of 31. Once here, it is more difficult to qualify for deportation than it is to gain illegal entry to the United States. Identity theft and fraud are acceptable for illegals. Illegals consider current US immigration laws unfair. Insulting and demand their right to be here. Illegals are able to underbid Americans for jobs because they work under the table and are subsidized by "benefits" paid by US citizens. There have been 7 amnesties since 1986 and there is yet another 11M (conservative number) illegals demanding citizenship be handed to them for breaking into our country. Acceptance and financial support of illegal immigration is being forced on US citizens whether we like it or not. Enforce current immigration laws, eVerify, prosecute employers, cease 14th amendment and stop all benefits to illegals.

  • Illegal immigrants broke laws to come into the United States.

    Illegal immigrants broke laws to come into the United States and we're simply supposed to just let them stay with no punishment? What about those people who came here legally and who did fill out that "little piece of paper"? Why is it that the people who did wrong are rewarded by staying and the people who pay taxes, also gave up their whole life to live their dreams are turned away and denied for citizenship over illegals who fill meaningless jobs like cutting our lawn because they have no education.

  • It's THE LAW and a dereliction of duty not to.

    Immigration laws have long been ignored and the criminal law breakers have repeatedly been given the "get out of jail free" card.

    Birth right citizenship is another term for "cash cow" for the illegal. In their own country they become more poor with every kid they have, here in America it's like winning the lottery. The more you the more free stuff you get.

    Obama tells Israel the have the right to defend themselves, yet again, here in America, he will imprison an American if we dare lok cross at an Illegal.

    MYTH: America is "tearing families apart." NO, the illegal crosses the border undocumented, then steals identity to gain illegal employment and apply for every subsidy they can think of. They willfully and intentionally bring their family here unlawfully, they then drop a birth right citizen anchor baby.......With the sole intent and purpose to assure their chain to America. When and If once in a blue moon, the government actually locates "wink wink" an illegal (finally caught breaking yet more laws) they cry foul......"you're tearing my family apart."

    How do we determine that millions and millions of Latin illegals can run free here but we aren't giving the same preferential treatment to those wanting to immigrate illegally from Africa, Romania, China, Japan,etc. That in and of itself is racial profiling, "Latins please make your way to the front of the line."

    Likewise, other families are torn apart every day by the crimes that their parents commit from bank robbery, tax evasion, drunk driving drug dealing, etc., when those parents go to prison, the children are left behind and no one on this earth bags an eye. Breaking a law is breaking a law, it's like being pregnant, you can't be a little pregnant, either you are or you aren't. You can't be a little bit criminal. Either you are or you aren't. Again, it's prejudice in favor of the "type" of "crime" and the "status" of the "criminal" that will dictate enforcement, separation of family and accountability.

    No Amnesty, Rescind Birth Right Citizenship, Imprison Employers of Illegals, Revoke 501c Tax Exemption Status for Churches and Agencies that Aid and Abet Illeglas.

    Place military basic training compounds along the borders and as part of boot camp, patrol, detain, deport, and prosecute repeat offenders. Deputize border landowners, provide them grants for firearms, fuel, and detainmentment apparatus. Invoice their country of origin for the cost to detain, deport, and prosecute.

    Send an abundantly clear message to illegals and their countries, "If You Break American Law, You Will Face The Consequences." It is the reponsibility of their country to protect and serve, not America's.

  • They came here for a better life.

    Both of my parents, uncles, aunts, they're all illegal immigrants from Mexico. I've had people say why don't you just your green card like very one else. The thing people don't understand is how hard and long it takes to get one and become a citizen. I was born in the U.S. so I am considered a citizen, the thing is my parents came here for my sake. Here I am getting an education, I'm in middle school, doing a report on "If Illegal Immigrants Should Be Deported." It got me thinking I have a really good life here. I'm in the 7th grade, higher than both of my parents have gone. They both had to quit school in about 6th grade. Immigrants shouldn't be deported when they came here looking for a better life. What do you have against us?

  • No, Illegal immigrants are hear for a reason, let them stay

    Now, I know I am pro bally going to get beat up for this one, but, think about it like this: those people have left everything behind in search of a better life for themselves and those that they love. They leave for a whole host of reasons, jobs, money, housing, you name it. I dare say, I know a few that are willing to do jobs that nobody I know will even think about. So now they have gone through a lot to get here, what have they done? Found a job to provide for a family. why send them back to something they are trying so badly to get away from? If you don't want them to be a drain on society, let them find a job somewhere and pay taxes, give them a set of rules to live by? Why be the bad guy and say you can't live here we don't want you? Seems kinda self defeating if you ask me. The US helps every country on the planet to fight its battles, eliminates the bad guy, helps the downtrodden, but a few people that come across the boarder is a problem?

  • Illegal immigrants need to stay here to be able to have a better life.

    I think that illegal immigrants should not be sent back to their own countries. In my opinion it is completely unfair. Here’s why:
    First of all, it is far too dangerous for immigrants to be sent back to their own countries most of the time.
    This is because if there is a war going on back in their own country, they could be shot and slaughtered mercilessly. It can be very dangerous for the people who have to take them back too. Wars are almost impossible to live through, so sending them back is basically sending them to their death.
    Another thing is that some people may need medical attention.
    Because of this, many people will not survive the trip home if they get sick or if they are hurt. If this happens, there is almost no hope that they will survive the trip home.
    Next, immigrants could really help other countries.
    For example, studies have shown that most immigrants do jobs that other people don’t want to do. They can help increase the population, and some may be very skilled. Letting immigrants enter a country could improve a relationship between countries.
    Finally, coming to another country may be the only option for most immigrants.
    Fleeing their country could be their only choice if they want to stay alive and have a better life. Also, there isn’t really a good reason not to let them into another country. Some immigrants may have a relative in that country too.
    So to sum it up, we must not send them back. Fleeing their country may be a do or die situation. If you were in the middle of a war and had nowhere to stay, wouldn’t you flee too?

  • Individuals should be able to go where they want, and live where they go

    There is absolutely no reason that flippant and abstract ideas of what make someone an "Illegal" immigrant should hold the absolute power to ruin real people's lives. Humans populated the Earth and are currently little if any land untouched by the influence of mankind...but the johnny-come-lately idea of sovereign states who need to protect themselves from the influences of the "other" (who happen to be the same as themselves) should throw barriers in the way of our future flourishing? No. All of these fake borders need to be opened and every one of the primates with slightly above average intelligence we call Humans should be free to fully propagate and develop this speck of dust we inhabit.

  • They are a huge part of the economy

    Illegal immigrants are the huge part of the economy. They take jobs no one else would take (janitors, gardeners, farmers, garbage cleaners, cleaners, nannies, textile mill workers...Etc.) They are important labor. Also, they didn't do anything wrong...Just seeking a better life. It's not like they are committing crimes or something. Therefore, the US shouldn't deport them.


    ALL you people who are against haven't been through or seen what immigrants have been through and that's why it makes it so easy for you guys to say yes. How would you feel if other countries didn't want you in their country either. What if the US was much more poor and you couldn't find a decent job anywhere here how would you feel. I can debate for years about this. Most of you people are simply racist or immature and don't know what you say. A person needs to experience,see, observe and than they can answer the questions. See if anything changes now....

  • Illegal immigrants are people who are desperate for a better life

    They are people who are thinking of the better life they can have for their children, it is simply not fair that we deport them leaving them no chance to ever come back and/or start over and help their kids. They are also humans like us that deserve respect.

  • People shouldn't be deported for no damn reason

    To be honest they shouldn't be deported. Why be deported for a stupid paper? That's really stupid. I want my grandma to come here to live with me! Why be selfish? You're here already, let people live their dreams! Everyone has a dream and my grandma's dream is to be here before her grandchildren are born (my aunts twins).

  • Immigrants: No deportation

    Illegal immigrants should not get deported because first of all the native Americans were in America first. Also Hispanics such as Mexicans were rulers of California and were overrun by these so called true Americans. We all are immigrants but such as mostly Hispanics are being targeted. Just how all my family says "We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us." Because the U.S. Is fake

  • Illegal immigrants shouldn't be deported.

    As far as I'm concerned, the illegal immigrants should be able to stay. If they're here, they're here. If they work, they should be paying taxes like the rest of the American people. And plus, deporting them is only going to cost more money. Nowadays the cost of deporting a single person back to their native homeland reaches tens of thousands. So why send them back when they can take on jobs here that other people wouldn't normally do? Not only does it benefit them, it can benefit us, well, financially anyway.

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Anonymous says2013-03-06T07:39:13.403
I completely Agree with the anonymous vote for no. I mean we are all the same people, so we should NOT act as though each country is populated with Aliens.
Anonymous says2013-07-01T18:02:53.763
They should all be deported.
Anonymous says2013-07-06T08:45:07.507
All white european now called mixed white mutts are illegal and should depopulate off 'our' land! You white illegals have been illegal in america since 1492 and 150 years in canada go back to europe get off my soil!
Anonymous says2013-07-17T08:49:43.240
The key word here is "Illegal". Why do we have laws at all if it means we can break them with no reprocussions? Crime goes up, babies be booming, and tax payers flip the bill for illeagal immigrants. Sure they'll work for less but i'd work for less too if I was getting paid under the table. Obama tries too hard to make every one happy. He needs to make his country and citizens his priority. Instead, he's making law breakers out to be victims because he's scared of hurting someone's feelings. Terrorism this, terrorism that...... Can't many of these people be considered identity terroist. Now, not only am I not approved for a loan but it's too hard for the NSA to track my phone calls and read my emails because there are 1,000 Joshua Irwins out there with the same Social security numer. The country spends billions in the name of national security overseas but only chump change at the borders. Leaders are so worried about the house exploding that they forget about the termites eating away at the foundation.
Anonymous says2013-08-27T16:09:41.393
White people of european descent are all illegals and should be deported! Leave my soil! (message from a indigenous person)
Anonymous says2013-09-06T14:09:12.737
Although I am on the fence with this one the facts are much more in favor of the yes side. What does ancient history have anything to do with securing our borders...Are you saying mexicans should slaughter us like europeans did the indian? The argument makes the no side look stupid. Its a law for a reason and everyone can agree that we need tougher borders, the argument is should we bend the rules for these illegals already here. Its messed up a living wage for a whole class of legal americans which if played by the rules, most jobs that illegals dominate would be at about 13-17 dollars an hour instead of 7 an hour. Thats not fair...Were supposed to play fair ball and we get screwed. Its not the illegals fault or the laxed borders fault. Its the employers fault and they should be held accountable. It doesnt make sense to build a wall costing billions or trillions...Just move the war on drugs budget and sting operations to the greedy, coniving traitors that hire illegals. They are not a friend to the millions of americans that play ball and get screwed. Its so about time american workers get a half way decent shake in this system. For sure. Thank you.
johnny4705 says2014-06-24T22:21:45.547
Stop them and depot them!!! Do your job; enforce our laws !!!
zipper says2014-07-11T20:05:46.017
The only people who want them here are the ones getting payed for them being here
zipper says2014-07-11T22:11:44.633
You know why our government isn't doing anything about it because there are illegals that are getting taxes taken out of there check and when it comes tax time there's no one to claim that money so guess who gets to keep it. There was a billion in unclaimed tax money last year
annahunter says2015-07-05T15:05:38.230
Send all illegals home, give them no food, no water, no clothes like they came here with. They are murderers, rapists, convicted felons, I wont see them on my door, as I have a loaded 30.6 waiting. Go to prison, I think NOT. STAND MY GROUND.
Hamishhitdog says2015-09-03T16:54:40.417
Send em all back on the boats they came on Japan is100% right
Hamishhitdog says2015-09-03T17:02:56.727
Allah is right he will take the world over, 99% of these people are Muslim and they will probably build another 1000 or so mosques , Sorry to upset em But Britain is a Christian country, I'm proud of that and im sure lots of Brits will agree with me for gods sake give our country and our church a fighting chance! Don't let em in
Pleasestopdeportation says2015-12-06T23:35:46.397
Stop this madness!!!!
DemonCow says2016-01-19T23:08:24.770
They suck up money, feel entitled to everything, and a lot of them know how to do nothing.
waterskier-360 says2016-02-08T01:58:08.060
Illegal means just that. Without law we have anarchy.
Cashstone says2017-02-01T02:01:49.770
Yes trump signed the order why haven't they left the airport they need to stop complaining and big companies are going to have to hire American