• The U.S. should allow these people to be citizens.

    The fact that we have such rigorous standards to get into this country is pretty stupid in the first place, so I am all for giving them full benefits of being an American. In my opinion they contribute more to society than any politician ever could, so give them all the benefits they want.

  • Yes but only as scholarships for good grades

    Those American citizens people do not even care about college. And if they do they would put more effort in getting good grades and scholarships. Git gud grades or be a jock just don't whine.
    A white girl sued her college because she was not good enough to enter into college. She tried to get minorities kicked out when the majority of them had better grades and qualifications than her.

  • Why would they?

    It isn't fair AT ALL that I am a United States Citizen and I can't even go to California for college because I would have to pay out-of-state tuition... But undocumented immigrants, who are here illegally get in-state? How does that make sense at all? They are basically getting rights that AMERICANS don't even have.. To go to college out of state.

  • No, they should not be.

    When it comes to in-state tuition in colleges, it's already a burden on the people who are living there. Giving these same privileges to illegal immigrants would drive the prices up far too high, and would signal college at reduced prices for people who aren't even from the United States

  • They should be an official citizen

    Absolutely not. If one is an illegal immigrant, they should not be eligible to receive any kind of tuition assistance regarding their colleges. They should have no choice but to go through the proper citizenship test, pass their test, become an official US citizen and they eventually earn their right for tuition assistance.

  • No, they aren't citizens.

    No, in order to get in-state tuition you have to show proof of residence. College enrollment and tuition discounts should be limited to citizens or those that have a legal visa allowing them to study here. There are student visas they can get. There are legal ways to study here.

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