Should illegal immigrants be given a 'pathway to citizenship'?

  • They are people too

    Sure it may be illegal, but they are still people and no matter what, they should be welcomed to the country they are getting into. That's like saying if Obama moved away and everyone forgot about him, and in like 40 years to come back as an illegal immigrant and not given a chance to be a citizenship to the country he once ran.

  • They are the most of our popoulation

    I would like to start off with my first point: illegal citizens take up most of our population. Based on the "New York Times" there are 11.7 million illegal people living in the United States since of 2006. Also, these illegal immigrants take up the jobs that normal "american" (if we can call it that now) do not like to do, so it only helps our country. Sure you could say to give the jobs to hobos, but by also new York times, 70% of homeless people quit their jobs. Plus, unlike the homeless, the illegal immigrants are actually happy have their job, unlike the terrible life they had back home.

  • Yes,illegal aliens should be given a 'pathway to citizenship.

    Yes,illegal aliens should be given a pathway to citizenship.They usually come to the United States with good intentions including the desire to work harder than most Americans would ever want to work.They make financial contributions to the economy so they should be given citizenship if at all legally possible or feasible.

  • Path to citizenship is a necessary component to immigration reform!

    Let’s take a step back and remember that the United States has always been based on immigrants. But today, Since existing pathways are complex and slightly unrealistic in dealing with the matter, many foreigners with an American dream found it easier to live, stay and work here undocumented… well, it’s time we give these ‘illegal aliens’ an opportunity for a clear and relevant path to become a full, contributing, active and legal citizens of the united states. Isn’t that part of what America stands for?

  • Economy and a Loophole already in place

    The 1.3 million young undocumented immigrants enrolled or immediately eligible for DACA contribute an estimated $2 billion a year in state and local taxes This includes personal income, property, and sales and excise taxes
    Changing the policy to include a wider group would increase this number to astronomical levels and could potentially create a dent in the National Debt. On top of that replacing DACA with a pathway to citizenship program would add an additional 0.5 Billion dollars to the annual contribution
    Granting DACA eligible immigrants a path to citizenship would provide an even larger wage boost. A 2013 analysis by the Congressional Budget Office estimated a 12 percent wage boost for undocumented citizens who were granted a path to citizenship.7 State and local revenues would net an additional $505 million if the 1.3 million young people currently eligible for or receiving DACA were granted a path to citizenship- Also the institute on Taxation and economic Policy
    But the question of jobs?:
    It is not that employers are evil in their willingness to give preference to illegal immigrants. It is that they are pragmatic in their decision making. Illegal immigrants are available because the federal government has chosen to do little to monitor the work sites of the nation. Seldom are any penalties placed on employers who violate the ban against hiring illegal immigrants working even though it has existed since1986. Moreover, because of this self-imposed impotence by the federal government, employers who try to follow the law are penalized because they must compete with employers who violate the law and benefit by paying lower wages and providing cheaper working conditions that are more profitable to these employers but hazardous to the illegal workers. The status quo, therefore, is a perversity of justice. Law breakers are rewarded while law abiders are punished.
    Economists long ago have realized that there is no way to prove or to measure the job displacement of citizens by illegal immigrants. This is because when immigrants (including the large illegal immigrant component) move into a local labor market, citizens tend to move out. Mass immigration has affected the internal migration patterns of citizen workers. As they leave the area or as they drop out of the labor market because they cannot find jobs, immigrants move in to claim the jobs but there is no way to measure the loss since many of the victims are no longer in the local labor market.- Vernon M. Briggs, Jr.: Emeritus Professor of Labor Economics
    Illegal Immigration is a problem that will not go away unless we allow those “illegals” to have the ability and access to gain citizenship. How do we fix the job market? We do it by making the illegals legal and putting the American citizens on a level playing field with immigrants. DACA simply is not enough. We need a more permanent solution.
    This is some arguments I made in a recent debate

  • Illegal immigrants should be allowed a pathway to citizenship.

    Most illegal immigrants will help improve our economy. Researchers found that immigrants who are only eligible for legal status, but not citizenship, would contribute about $832 billion to the economy in a ten year period, add 121,000 more jobs per year, and pay $109 billion in taxes over a ten-year period.

  • It would be less work for us.

    Essentially, if we spend all time the time and resources on booting out illegal, then we would have wasted our time. More will come, and U.S. is undermanned currently. We might as well give them, or make them contribute as legal, TAX PAYERS. Once they are legal they can buy property and learn that they have to pay taxes just like the rest of us.

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  • Yes They SHOULD!!

    All the immigrants want is a place where they can have more opportunities they could not have in their home country. They want to work hard, lead a good life and do good. Most illegal immigrants don't even step out of the line in America, because they want to be citizens. It is unjust that just because other people were lucky enough to be born in America, that they think they are better than "illegal immigrants". I feel disgusted by knowing that and that people don't want to help make people happier. How would you feel if someone ripped apart your family? It was not the immigrants fault that they were not born in America. If they could have chosen, I am sure they would have. I am in seventh grade but that does not mean my opinion doesn't count. I want to see a country with equality for ALL. And that means ALL the people who want to live a life in America.

  • Yes they should

    This country was founded on illegal immigration and the way they got this land was not in a good way. Some of these people work harder than your average American and get paid less but they don't care. They only want to work to help their families. They are helping our economy by taking the jobs lazy Americans don't want

  • They broke the law.

    Those sand people think that they can get whatever they want. That's why all of 'em are down there in Meheeco poppin' each other e'ry day. Y'all should come on up here to Tennessee, I'll arrest y'all sandy before you can say ola. Stay in your own country please. Thank you.

  • No. No. No.

    Not at all. No one who breaks the law and enters this country illegally deserves a path to citizenship. Who cares if they're poor and destitute. No living condition gives someone the right to break a law, no matter what that law is. People need to stop treating illegal immigrants like abused puppies. They're people, who broke laws and need to be punished (deported) immediately.

  • They Already Ignored One!

    There is a right way & a wrong way to do anything. An illegal chooses the wrong way to citizenship, when they come here illegally. There is already a pathway to entry, living here and obtaining citizenship. It isn't necessary to break the law to gain it!

    My grandfather was an immigrant who came here, from Europe, at age 18. He did so legally. So, I do understand the desire to come to America for a better life. But you do not do it by breaking the law. No one respects that.

    When illegals break the law upon entry, you have to wonder ... Will they be willing to break the law again? A law-abiding citizen, who works hard & contributes to his/her community, doesn't choose to break the law. If the U.S. Ignores this action, they are basically rewarding bad behavior. Do you reward a child for breaking the rules? I don't think so. And it isn't wise to reward illegals, either.

  • No, absolutely NOT

    The immigrants coming over illegally, sure, are paying their taxes. But what do these taxes go towards? To pay for MORE illegal immigrants on welfare. They take our jobs. Sure, go ahead and argue that they take the ones we don't want, but students in high school need jobs too. They can't go straight to being a lawyer or a doctor?

  • No illegal immigrants should not get a path to citizenship

    Illegal immigrants come over and try to take from our economy why should we let them in illegally and just hand them everything that they want no illegal immigrants should not be allowed in let them stay in Mexico if we just hand lawbreakers what they want then how do we stop it

  • They are illegal it doesn't make sense

    They come into America illegally and then you want to grant them the power to vote. This is ridiculous. If they want citizenship then they can come in legally and fill out a background check. It isn't hard to do, but they come in illegally because they want to sell drugs and live off our government and OUR taxes. This is completely wrong to grant someone who is smuggling in guns, drugs, and Lord only knows what else citizenship.

  • I think no

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  • We are a country of laws

    I have no problem with legal immigration. After all, we are all descendents of immigrants one way or another. This country was founded on legal immigration. My great grandparents immigrated through Ellis Island in the late 1800's. We are the greatest melting pot in the world and our vast diversity is one of our greatest strengths. That being said, we are also a country of laws whether you agree with them or not. I do not think it is fair, just or prudent to allow people to violate our borders and our laws just because they think they can with little to no repercussions. This is causing an enormously large financial strain on our country at a time when we can least afford it! Illegal immigration not only disrespects our laws but is also a slap in the face to those before them that have taken the time and resources to immigrate legally! We need to know now more than ever who is coming into our country and for what purposes! I travel abroad frequently and have not found a country who doesn't strictly regulate their domestic immigration process! I spend a couple months every winter in Mexico and enjoy enormously but believe me they regulate and over see my stay carefully. I am not allowed to have a paying job nor am I allowed to stay more than a year without leaving the country for a time before returning. They do not offer social programs or any type of financial assistance to foreigners and if you get caught in the country illegally you will be arrested and incarcerated! Why would we open our doors willingly without due process or oversight. That would be reckless and totally irresponsible to the citizens of this great country!!

  • We have laws for a reason.

    I was an illegal immigrant living in US, and left the country to apply legally to come to US, and currently waiting in line for my turn. We have laws that apply for everyone, we cannot morally give illegals an easy path to citizenship, when law abiding people are trying to come here legally and waiting in the line.

  • Not at all.

    It's completely unfair to the people who have followed the rules in their quest for citizenship. It's like that kid in school who doesn't study for tests but ends up getting higher grades than you because he cheated. This 'small' problem is just one more step in making America a corrupt place to live.

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