• Yes they should

    I agree with illegals be given equal rights as Americans and free from deportation and should stay with family members who are residents and citizens if united states and be granted amnesty. They came to america to find a job and be with family members and have children there and seek a better life and find a better standard of living and escape poverty and persecution from their own country.

  • They should give citizenship

    They should because immigrants need a chance, and we never know what they have been through. They are very hardworking people, and they do more than americans do. They aren't lazy, and there are some americans that have everything and in rather they are out in the streets doing bad stuff. So why can't honest people get citizenship?

  • I say Yes

    I would say yes because mostly the population is Mexican, Asian, Chinese, and etc, All should be granted citizenship if within the U.S longer than 15 years, which makes them able to stay here and known as Legal people for now on and on the generations to come in the U.S.

  • I Think So

    I believe at this point the United States should offer citizenship to the illegal immigrants already within our country. Since there are so many it seems like it would be impossible to try and deport all of these people so this is the only real alternative option. At least if this is done then they can pay taxes in.

  • No it's wrong

    It would be a continuation of what Reagan did to us by giving it away decades ago and look what's happened. They anchored in and multiplied like rabbits and in just a few decades out number the original citizens. Now in key positions they are changing the laws and fabric of what used to be America, but is really just Mexico's annex for monetarily support for their own people.

  • Its wrong people

    Why should illegals be aloud entry and granted citizenship almost immediately and the people on the wanting list to get into our country legally have to wait years. As of January 31, 2013 the waiting list to get into our country will take 24 years to get all the people in the waiting list in. Arguments I hear is that the illegals are trying to get away from war, bad leaders, and crippling economies. The people trying to get in here legally are trying to get away from the same things so what makes these illegals better that anyone else? Please someone try and argue with me and see how that goes!

  • Its wrong people

    Why should illegal immigrants get granted citizenship if they have already broken a law. The waiting list for legal immigrants is at least 24 years as of January 31, 2013. The argument that I hear the most is that these illegals are trying to escape bad things such as poverty, dictatorships, bad treatment, and to get a better life for their family's. What angers me is that the people on the waiting list are trying to escape the same things and since they are trying to do it legally it is taking a long time so what makes it right for illegals to put themselves ahead of everyone else.

  • Don't reward people for breaking the law

    Ive known a few illegal immigrants, they were all nice people. That's not the issue. They broke the law. I'm a nice guy, but I don't think the IRS is going to just let me go if I don't pay my taxes this year. Illegal immigrants are stealing from America.

    Why is it fair to take taxes from American workers and give benefits to people who came here illegally.

    Besides if they get to vote they will vote for Democrats who will vote to confiscate more of my hard earned money.

  • If they can't get in line, I don't want them here.

    Nope. I am not at all in favor of granting illegal immigrants citizenship in the United States. That's like allowing someone from the coach class on an airline into First Class for free. It just shouldn't be done. Only people who "pay the freight" by going through legal channels should ever be granted citizenship.

  • Not at all

    No, a illegal immigrant does not need to be granted citizenship. I think that they need to be found and sent back to mexico, and that every one that is found coming across the border needs to get a really strict punishment that would make them stop coming across there.

  • No, illegals should not be granted citizenship.

    I do not believe in granting illegal aliens any type of amnesty or citizenship. Illegal immigrations are all criminals and should be considered as such. They entered the country illegally and are therefore criminals. The last thing we as a nation should do is reward such things with something like citizenship.

  • No, I don't think illegal immigrants should be granted citzenship.

    If you are in this country illegally you should not be given citizenship, I believe if you stay out of trouble and are actively employed in a legitimate business then you should be allowed to stay with strict restrictions on what you can actually do but I don't think people who came into this country illegally should be granted citizenship.

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