• Yes, I think so.

    I think that if an illegal immigrant has been residing in the United States, has no criminal record in his home country, and hasn't broken any laws, he or she should be granted guest worker status. This would also allow a chance to prove and open an easier path to citizenship.

  • Yes: Illegal Immigrants Should Be Given Guest Worker Status

    Everyone needs to be able to feed themselves and their family. If people are able to work and can do the job, it shouldn't matter where they are from. The only caveat is the allowance for some minimum wage standards so that guest workers are not used as a way to lower the cost of doing business while wrecking overall quality of life.

  • Work Visas Not Necessarily Citizenship

    Anyone should be allowed to pursue the avenues that allow them to survive and prosper. The issue is when complicated bureaucratic schemes make public funds at stake for taxpayers hoping for a return. Someone that wants to work and produce should be allowed to do so but this does not entitle them to the social welfare system.

  • Illegal Immigrants Being Granted

    I personally think that guest worker program allows foreign workers to temporarily reside and work in a host country. Guest workers typically perform low or semi-skilled agricultural, industrial, or domestic labor in countries with workforce shortages, and they return home once their contract has expired. In the United States there have been efforts at guest worker programs for many years.

  • Immigrants work status does not work here

    I strongly oppose guest work status for illegal immigrants. I know that a lot of people work here that are illegals but they work illegally and that is fine by me. But I feel that a guest worker status is wrong because we already have plenty of people who live in the United States that need jobs and can't seem to find them. We should help ourselves before helping so many others.

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