Should illegal immigrants be made legal citizens?

  • We are needed.

    The USA is nothing without immigrants, especially Hispanics which do everything that an American won't do such as building houses and etc, also immigrants want a future too and that's why people move from their countries to have a better future that their country wont offer to them poor citizens.

  • Yes it is only fair.

    Put yourself in their feet. How would you like it if you couldn't do anything? You can't drive. You can't get a good job or got to college. It is very depressing. Wouldn't you like to have a chance. I'm sure I would. Then why shouldn't we give them a chance? They can help us a lot more than we think. We shouldn't be selfish.

  • After a certain time period illegal immigrant should become legal.

    One might need to consider a few things to be accepted into legal citizenship, though. SSI should check whether they have been paying their taxes, how much they make, or their criminal records before admission into citizenship. All people have a right to get help from the government, attend the college of their choice, or get a driver's license if their criminal records don't prohibit them.

  • Everyone deserves a chance at everything!

    Illegal immigrants are people like everyone else. They come here to live the dream, just like everyone else. It's not their fault that you can't easily get a visa, its not their fault is cheaper to come here illegally then legal. The world has many things we don't like so if people would get along better then the world would be a happier place to live.

  • Give people a chance.

    I believe that as long as the person has worked hard and has no criminal record, why not let them become legal? Everyone deserves a chance to make their life better. This isn't even our country of origin. We too came from some far off land with hopes and dreams. The thing is when we came here we came to the land and took it by force. Most of the illegal citizens are just working hard and trying to make their lives better. At least their not here destroying our civilization like we did to that Native Americans. Everyone deserves a bright future. Everyone breaks a law so don't try to use that as an excuse. Give people a chance to make their lives and our country a better place.

  • YES. The USA of today was founded by illegal immigrants who came in 1600's, killed, and took the lands and properties of the American Indians.

    At least, the recent illegal immigrants, came for a better life for their families, did not take over illegally any assets, did not slaughter and are mainly hard working individuals that eventually create new businesses and innovations.

    Realistically, without the continuous flow of immigrants, the US economy would have become lethargic and non-competitive, resulting in lower economic growth, income and standard of living. If we had a smart immigration policy that allowed enough trained individuals to enter and satisfy the needs of the economy, there would not have been a major issue of illegal immigration. It is the antiquated immigration law and its implementers that have caused the problem. It is human nature to seek survival for your family and a better life. It goes back to the prehistoric hunters....

  • They Should Become Legal

    They should become legal immigrants because they have fought to come to the U.S. And they wanted a better life. And isn't this the "United States" and doesn't the Statue of Liberty stand for something. Illegal immigrants should get documents. But just that there should be a limit to the immigrants that come to this country

  • Yes

    Yes I think illegal immigrants should be made legal citizens, but I do not think it should be automatic. I think they should have to have lived and worked here for a certain amount of time. They cannot have a criminal record, and they will have to go through the same process that others do to get their final citizenship.

  • Yes were all humans

    Wer all human being therefore we deserve a right to work and be a ppart of this country and plus they dont cause any harm in contrast immigrants help the economy and they work very hard. Everyone has dreams as Americans we all have dreams such as working or getting a good career well immigrants come here for one reason not to harm anyone but to make their dreams come true.

  • Why should immagrants be allow in the U.S

    They should be allow in the U.S. Because they are just human like everyone else. They also work hard so they could help the family out. Also we are just in a world, everything would be better if there were no borders. Also they will not have to risk there life going through the desert or by smuggling.

  • Immigrants should not become legal.

    I feel illegal immigrants should not become legal. They do not contribute to the success of our country... They make it worse. They come to the United States and use every government assistance program available, but do not pay taxes. I feel all illegal immigrants as well as their children should be sent back and then they can go through the real process of becoming legal. If they are approved to come into the states they should have to pay all taxes true Americans pay. The citizens of United States of America should not have to learn Spanish because that is the only way to get a job. Illegal immigrants are coming to the states without knowing English and is taking all the jobs from Americans because business have no choice but to hire you to serve you. All illegal immigrants should be sent back as well as their children because if the parents were not here illegally they the child would not have been legal to begin with. I will the government and law makers would go ahead and make the right decision, so our country could get out of this economy issue and become the country we once was.

  • Price of food.

    With illegal citizens becoming legal they would feel that they should have the rights as normal American citizens, thus making employers pay the citizens the same as everyone else, making the price of products increase. Plus, will the normal citizens go out and pick fruit and vegetables for minimum wage? No.

  • They're breaking a law just like a prisoner, so should we set prisoners free and reward them?

    They're breaking laws coming into the country, but rewarding them is insulting those who waited for their visa. They broke the law just like a prisoner, so should we set the prisoner free and give him a job? A lot of you are supporting the fact the illegal immigrants are coming into the country for a better life, but they should come into the country like everyone else.

  • It isn't fair.

    These law-breakers come in and expect to have a free pass. Everything that has been said on here is completely true. Others have to go to tons of trouble to actually earn citizenship, while these people just waltz in and expect to get a free f****** pass. NO! Come back when you are willing to make contributions and go to the trouble of earning your rights.

  • America is a COUNTRY

    Many people seem to think that our ancestors (European ancestors) came here illegally. Seeing Native Americans had no technical claim on the land, it wasn't illegal for Europeans to be here. In order to be in violation of immigration laws of another country, there needs to be a country. The United States of America has an internationally recognized border and very clear laws making it illegal for people to come here without proper paperwork. "We're all humans" is a completely invalid argument. Murderers are people. Rapists are people. But they don't get a second chance because they broke the law. They're felons. While most illegals aren't here to rape and murder, that doesn't excuse the fact that they're felons. They broke our laws and should not be allowed or rewarded for their actions.

  • Illegal immigrants should not be allowed in the United States.

    They should not be allowed in the United States because there are many people in the world who are waiting for their visas and green cards so they could come to this country. Is it fair that we let those people in line be cut by people who might have not even applied for a visa? In addition, jobs in the U.S. are becoming rare as the days go by. Every job counts and if we let people who are illegal in the country get these available jobs, how about the people who are legal. It is not fair!

  • It's not fair to be handed US citizenship on a plate for entering the country illegally.

    I am a legal green card holder and came to this country legally. The green card process is long, expensive and difficult, so to see illegals come in, not pay taxes, and then expect citizenship for no reason, is beyond belief. For some reason they have a sense of entitlement and are always using the excuse that Americans are lazy. How can you generalize an entire country? Americans are not all lazy. If that's the case, then their "legal" children, who were born here are also lazy. It seems a bit extreme, but to discourage future illegals and send a message, they all need to be shipped back , and then they can apply legally like the rest of us.

  • Bad for the economy

    When they come over they don't pay taxes in fact they use the itin and get money back because of their kids they had here. Secondly haven't you seen the people that gotten run over and the person just drove off a lot of the hit and runs come from illegals because they too scared of getting deported. They get on welfare because they have someone helping them out and helping them break the law. I have seen so much stuff and if you think by giving them citizenship is going to better the country your wrong. I have to learn Spanish just to keep my job. It's ridiculous they only hire they're kind and look at you crazy and talk about you in their face cause you don't know the language. Why should they have it easy when they majority of other races did it the right way and they get a free pass. If they could break the law once you don't think they'll try and break it again on a much larger scale... Hmmm

  • Not Even An Option

    The illegal immigrants (especially Mexicans) pass right through the American legal system and set a bad example for those who follow. If the illegals are to be eventually given citizenship, what's the purpose of having the citizenship process at all? The other immigrants get to sit idly by and watch the illegals waltz right through to America without a single worry.

  • Illegal immigrants break the law

    I believe illegal immigrants should not be made into legal citizens because they broke the law by coming into the country illegally. Also, they take jobs from Americans. Yes many of these jobs aren't high paying but Americans are doing anything for a job to put food on the table. In addition, recent studies say that illegals cause more violence such as rape, drugs, and murder. Lastly, illegal aliens take American resources, I live in Illinois, and this state is broke, I see illegals using food stamps at my store and then they but alcohol 5 minutes later. How do I know they are illegal? They show a Mexican ID. I'm not racist I just want to protect my nation and if you want to let illegals in your hurting America.

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