Should Illegal immigrants be treated equally?

Asked by: GabeSuho
  • In some circumstances

    I believe that illegal immigrants (some) should be afforded equal rights. Now I don't believe that scumbag drug dealers should be allowed into our country, but genuine, hard-working law abiding immigrant build up the economy, benefit society in so many ways, and genuinely are a pleasure to have around.

    Think about it, why would we deport a hardworking immigrant who is benefiting the nation, but we don't support deporting domestic criminals just because they are U.S / UK / citizens of whatever country, it's absurd.

    In my opinion, the only people who really worry about immigration are racists who "don't like the way the country is going".

    So, in short, I think illegal immigration can be a wonderful thing and that legalising (giving rights / permanent residency to) hardworking illegal immigrants will transform the nation into one of equality, diversity and greater prosperity for us all.

  • Of course! They help in so many ways!

    Quite frankly, most people are uneducated on the this matter. First of all, they're still human beings. We created "rights" and "freedoms" so they don't actually exist in the first place. Why should they be treated differently? Also, illegal immigrants are an important part of our economy. When the US increased border control in 2007, we saw that their GDP drop because of the interruption of circular flow and it actually increased the amount of illegal immigrants.

  • Immigrant legal or not should be treated equally

    You probably don't know how it feels to be illegal. You don't know what some people when through to risk their life's to come to another country that is not their homeland. They just want a better life. I don't know what is going through your minds to think that you have the right to discriminate other people or say that they don't have equal rights as you just because they were born in another place. Also there will be some people who will make the wrong choices, but that doesn't mean you should take what one person does and think the whole country does that.

  • What differences do you see in a human Citizen then that of an immigrant?

    Have we not learn to look beyond the faces of colors and the place they come from? What difference is there between these people. Are they not human? Wasn't this world created to support all living creatures together as a unity? Weren't you ancestors immigrants in the history? Illegal Immigrants is not a group that need to be issued. They are humans, and thought we were above all our ways. We should accept them as one of us they are no different. What happen to the equality in the world?

  • If you don't believe in god, you must hate immigrants.

    It states in the bible that you must welcome people to your land with a loving heart. Otherwise, you are defying the Bible and thus are considered a heathen. ( NOT my words.)
    Allowing immigrants in our country simply depends on the fact that they must pass a test on our laws, sign a contract signaling that they agree with our laws, and then they are free to go.

  • Not equal rights but certainly basic Human Rights.

    All too often, both sides of this argument assume they understand the opposing side's stance when they're really assuming the most extreme opinions. Give this a read and feel free to respond!

    Ultimately, all humans should be guaranteed their basic Human Rights. While not all countries (most, actually) don't stand by this innate rule, we in the United States do. We carry forth the idea that everyone can defend themselves and have a right to choose their own destiny, until they break the law. Once they break the law and depending upon the law that they break, we have given our governments (local, State, and Federal) the right to take certain inborn liberties from us to protect those who continue to practice their lives in good standing with the law. How we go about maintaining, updating, and enforcing the practice and execution of law is an entirely different argument but its mention is necessary for this point.

    Ultimately speaking, those who come illegally to any Nation are doing so in breach of a law. While the reasons they are doing it are more often good reasons than not (and more often by good people too), they are still doing it in violation of a law. They shouldn’t be treated as though they are “without rights” all together, that is stripping them of even their most basic rights, something that no person or government can do in the United States. Even a man or woman prior to a lawful execution is provided with certain rights. While you could argue that they have been stripped of as many rights as a government can possibly do, they are still read those final rights before the execution takes place. I recognize that this is a brash comparison but I am using the extreme to make my point that certain rights should be taken. Despite what Emma Lazarus might want you to think, we are not actually a country founded on “tired and poor.” We’re a country founded on strong immigrants that brought with them requisite skills and trades that built this Nation into its glory. We didn’t get lucky with those we allowed in, we were selective. And we surely didn’t allow those who came in illegally to go unpunished.

    In summary;

    1) immigrants built this nation and they should be treated with the utmost respect when lawfully gaining entry,

    2) saying that illegal immigrants shouldn’t have any rights is inhuman and a violation of basic Human Rights,

    3) but saying that illegal immigrants should have the same as those who obey the law (ie: legal immigrants and law obeying citizens) is unfair and doesn’t reward their loyalty to the law.

    Thanks for reading/listening!

  • It's called illegal for a reason!

    I don't think illegal immigrants deserve equal rights because they broke the law which is why they are called "illegal immigrants". What gives anyone the right to break the law because of their emotional distress? People shouldn't put feelings above the law! For example, if a homeless person was hungry and needed food, would it be right for him to steal from a woman's purse to get money to buy food? I mean he needs food to survive, right? Even though illegal immigrants could have worked hard getting to America, they did something illegal. Therefore, if a law is broken, consequences or actions need to take place. End of discussion.

  • This is not the debate to have.

    Our country has become a melting pot from immigrarion- it is a wonderful thing! But ILLEGAL immigration is wrong. Is everything else that is illegal suddenly going to be excused?
    They would be welcomed here legally. Many people argue it is hard to come here legally. That is the true debate to be having. How can we make LEGAL immigration easier? Illegal immigration should never be supported.

  • The key word to this question is ILLEGAL

    No, they should not be treated equally. Allow me to make this simpler, you own a 2,500 sqft single family home with a wife and two kids. Simple family hierarchy. I come over one night and ILLEGALLY break into your basement and make use of your couch. Now I demand to be fed, use your facilities without paying, and free rent. Do I deserve the same treatment as your children? Simple answer is no. I have no problem with immigration, only with ILLEGAL immigration. This is poisoning our country and needs to stop. The liberal hippie snowflakes who dont comprehend the ILLEGAL aspect of people living in this country holding down jobs (Terrible ones but jobs nonetheless) and skipping out on paying taxes are killing this country. Wake up and look at the bigger picture...

  • Not by the government, however...

    I don't believe anyone is an illegal immigrant. Rather, they're undocumented. I believe anyone who makes it across the US border or tries to make it across the border should be given full constitutional rights and a very clear and easy path to citizenship. Until such time as they are properly documented, though, they shouldn't be given access to government welfare (even though statistics have shown that it's near impossible for that to happen anyway.)

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