Should illegal immigrants get money for college from American tax dollars?

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  • As an immigrant this is disrespectful

    You came to this country to flee from your culture of origin. Given illegal immigrants mostly hail from North Central America it means you are running from Socialistic economic policies. The sense of entlitlement, the sense of expecting the government to hand you something is the very thing that made your original culture a failure.

    This is the reason why immigrants of other nations get a bad reputation. I hail from Colombia, and I understand my culture of origin was a failure, why would I want similar economic policies to be employed here?

    Is the job of every good immigrant to ensure the nation to are fleeing to doesn't end up like the nation you fled from.

    You aren't entitled to being here. Present your case, try to get your papers, if you cannot leave with your head held high some savings and don't ruin the image of the next set of immigrants because you are spreading the sense of self entitlement that led your home country to failure in the first place.

    Posted by: N711

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