Should illegal immigrants get some sort of benefits and aid?

  • Sure, why not?

    I think if there is enough benefits to go around then why not? Maybe not the same amount of benefits that us citizens get but maybe a few benefits and aid should be granted. If I was in that position or one of my family members I would want myself or them to receive some sort of help.

  • Absolutely not, that's crazy

    Absolutely not, enough of the free hand outs from our government. This country is broke and can no longer support the people here illegally or the ones that don't want to work, all we have done is manage to create a dependent society and illegal must go they are here against the law and its time to get tough.

  • Keyword is ILLEGAL

    They broke the law. Why are you going to encourage them to break the law by giving them benefits? That's the equivalent of me attempting to rob a bank and then being reward after failing by receiving money, health insurance, food stamps etc. It simply makes no sense and the anchor baby law should also be revoked.

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