Should illegal immigrants have access to federal Hurricane Sandy relief programs?

  • They are people too.

    Even if they are illegal immigrants, they are still people too. They need access to food and shelter to help them stay alive. Perhaps they would not be able to receive all types of Sandy relief, but they should be able to at least have food, shelter, and a way to rebuild.

  • Immediate assistance YES, Long term benefits NO

    Food, water, shelter and rescue, if needed, should not have to depend on immigration status. After all, ours is a country that goes out of its way to establish justice in foreign countries. But beyond they are not entitled to anything substantial and/or long term benefits as they are illegally present in the country, to start with.

  • Emergencies Are Wrong Time to Debate Citizenship-We Are All People

    Yes, illegal immigrants should have access to federal Hurricane Sandy relief programs. The aftermath of a natural disaster is not the time to inquire about, or debate citizenship. All people affected by hurricane Sandy should be given assistance to get their lives put back together regardless of their status. When a person has lost everything they have worked for, they need help to get back on their feet.

  • Yes, emergency relief should be available to all.

    Agencies should hardly be inquiring about immigration status before delivering aid in a case where people are in need of food and shelter. They should be treated like any other human being. Long-term assistance programs might vary; the agencies should proceed in a manner consistent with the law. But disaster relief is not the time or place to deal with immigration.

  • Illegal immigrants are human beings, too.

    I will be the first to say that our immigration laws should be more strict (and more strictly enforced) to reduce the amount of resources being used on people who cannot even call themselves citizens. However, they are already here, have established themselves in a community and surely have people they are close to here in the states. How unfair to deny them the same help we'd offer our own citizens who were struck by the same disaster. Mother nature does not choose between our citizens and illegal immigrants when she throws a hurricane at us, and likewise, we should not choose between them when offering support.

  • They are entitled to summary execution.

    They are here in violation of our laws, and taking food and whatnot from actual Americans, on our soil. If anything, the average person should be even more outraged at this. They're breaking the law, then taking food from law-abiding citizens with the blessing of the government there to protect aforementioned citizens. That is beyond criminal.

  • no, no, no

    They are illegal that's all. Once an individual has no right being in a country he or she is on their own. The word illegal has to mean something plus it takes away from real Americans who need help. The government where these illegal immigrants come from, should help them not ours

  • They are only entitled to a trip home.

    Individuals who have broken the law and entered the country illegally are not entitled to anything from the United States. If such individuals are in need of shelter or food, they should be given it temporarily, but only on the condition that they be repatriated to their home country as soon as possible.

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