Should illegal immigrants have employment opportunities?

  • Illegal immigrants have employment opportunities.

    Illegal immigrants are necessary for jobs that most Americans are unwilling to do. For example, fruit orchards would have no one to harvest their crops if migrant workers were not present to do it. Limited employment rights should be granted to illegal immigrants because they are necessary part of the labor force.

  • No and they don't belong here

    We have so much poverty right now, why do we need to bring more poverty into America?

    OH, that's right. Because they are free votes for democrats. Democrats feed on hispanic immigrants looking for free benefits.

    CLOSE the borders to all hispanic countries. They make hardly any innovations and a quick look at all those countries proves it.

  • This is the crux of the problem

    That big employers are hiring illegal immigrants so that they can pay them poor wages and generally exploit them. I think that we need to target the American companies who hire illegal immigrants rather than the immigrants themselves who are just trying to improve their lot in life.

    Illegal immigration exists because it benefits the elite. Workers of the world, unite!

  • Illegal Immigrants Employment

    The term illegal means that there is something that is in conflict with the law in regards to providing job opportunities. Because the immigrants have got in the United States without the proper passport, visas or documentation, they should not be afforded the job opportunities reserved for naturalized American citizens.

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