• Yes they should because

    When illegal immigrants are living here they need to do everything us as humans need to do. Although they came here illegally they wanted a better life for them and their family. We all deserve the same rights because even U.S. citizens are immigrants way back in their family history.

  • Yes They Should

    Just because there here Illegal, they still have the right. Have you thought of the reason they are here! Maybe you should think of it from there prospective, then maybe you would have a different view on it! Try it and see. Don't be so quick to be selfish and think of yourself

  • Yes, if they are trying to get citizenship.

    Restricting people from going through the proper channels to get a driver's license just leads to people on the road who are undocumented and do not know all of the rules of the road. If illegal immigrants are taking steps to become legal citizens, then they should have the opportunity to get a license.

  • Illegal Immigrants In America

    I personally think Nevada has become the latest state to allow illegal immigrants to obtain a driver's license— even as public opinion polls show that the great majority of Americans oppose such measures.
    A national poll conducted in October by Rasmussen Reports found that 68 percent of likely U.S. Voters think illegal immigrants should not be allowed to obtain state driver's licenses. Just 22 percent favor licenses for illegal in their state.

  • They should definitely not.

    People, they are illegal immigrants, key word ILLEGAL. Our tax payer dollars that should be going towards the education of our kids is instead going towards low cost insurance for ILLEGAL ALIENS. And with their drivers licenses, they will vote, ILLEGALLY. We should not have to pay for other people's insurance when we pay for our own and make our own living.

  • No, they should not.

    Illegal immigrants are illegal. Period. If they do not want to obey the laws of our country they should not have these rights. We need to secure our borders and deport the illegals. The wall just got ten feet taller boys. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Close the borders for America!

  • It's not right

    Illegal immigrants are illegal and therefore shouldn't be able to anyway. It would be problematic in multiple ways. If we had illegal immigrants driving, they could be terrorists or even suicide bombers which could do more damage in a car then just on foot(killing more people and destroying more property)

  • No, they are here against the law.

    To be able to drive in America, you should have to have some form of visa, or to be a citizen. It's not right for someone who breaks the law to get here to have the same rights that the citizens of this country do. It's another story if they have children that were born here, those children are legal citizens, but the parents are not.

  • No, illegal immigrants should not be able to get drivers licenses.

    I do not believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to get drivers licenses. If immigrants are in America illegally they should be deported, not given citizen privileges. Giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses makes it look as if it is alright to be in America illegally. Only legal immigrants should be allowed to get drivers licenses.

  • They should not

    No, I do not think that they need to be allowed to get a drivers license. I think that they should not even be in this country, so do not need to be allowed to go out and get a drivers license here in a country that the illegally came to.

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