Should illegal immigrants in the United States be allowed to obtain drivers licenses?

  • Driving license is not a luxury its a need in USA

    America how its formed....its a land of immigrants...who are the people living here...ancestors came from europe and africa dont forget that...killed the native indians and grab land from them and today you speak like a native america..."there is no native american" all are immigrants Black, white, brown,yellow all colors and creed and religions are here. born here it dosent mean you have the luxury of living on the people like parasite taking food stamps robbing stores , working white collar jobs and end of year stealing money from the wall street and showing losses.
    Every one has a american dream people who are immigrant before and now work hard and taken part in building this great nation. dont forget that who is your construction worker, gardner, hard labour you cant even dream you self in thier position you work for $30 per hour and you cry on people who earn $5 per need free money health care and food stamps and free house...but illegals should be sent back to home. Think of you people are you human....for that 54 percent of people saying no to drivers license i pity you know what is hunger, what is killing , rape no...people come to this country to escape those...see on the mexican border bodies of illegal immigrants piled up killed by drug cartel people they came here just get some bread and send some money to their people who are hungry in back home. you dont know what is pain and illegals live every day in pain who came leaving their loved some mercy

    I used to complain like you for every reason until i found the pain of those and let live people...dont be selfish bastards....

  • Illegal immigrants should be allowed to get drivers' licenses provided they meet certain requirements

    This question can't be considered in isolation without looking at our immigration policy in total. To that end, I think that illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain drivers' licenses provided they enter a special program that allows a path to citizenship available to those immigrants who have gainful employment, have a functional grasp of English, and no criminal history. Others should be deported. Those looking to integrate into society in this way should be given access to drivers' licenses so they can continue to work and contribute to society. Even better would be to change our immigration policy so those people can easily emigrate legally, but we have to look at what's politically realistic.

    Posted by: 54uIIan
  • Absolutely yes

    It's a known fact that illegal immigrants are driving with or without a license, however many many illegal immigrants are adopting a very dangerous attitude about driving without a license, if they cant take the hands on wheel test required by the law, they're not going to bother taking driving lessons, therefore, we're having more accident caused by people who are just driving with ''God's License''.

    It's also hypocrite to allow iilegal immigrants to buy auto insurance to cover damages in case of an accident, but they cant have a license which in most cases enables the police to take their casr away. That's not right. GIVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DRIVER'S LICENSES

  • yes

    alot of the illegal mecixian has children with a amercian citizen and they dont worry because they know they can go to mexico and not take care of the kids

  • Yes

    Not all illegal immigrants are criminals, I'll tell you from first hand ALL the iilegal immigrants I know, are hard working people who have to bend backwards to get their kids to school and get to work, the simplest thing such as getting to the grocery store.

  • I support issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, they should have some type of right, this can serve as a tracking device.

    Not all illegal immigrants are criminals and giving some rights to them can serve as incentives on getting them on the right track. They may be encouraged to try to give back to society if they know that they are given some importance. Issuing drivers licenses will not only create an identity for these people but it can greatly help in decreasing the number of accidents or acts involving car theft if that happens to be one of the biggest crimes committed by them. They rebel against society because they are treated very unfairly and so it is only natural for them to react the way they do.

    Posted by: MyHier
  • I'm pro Mexicans

    How is this country going to be hypocritical allowing them to get a license with no proof of legal status and then taking it away isn't that breaking some kind of law itself Indian givers!

    Posted by: Aly
  • Of course

    Every individual driving in this country should get a driver's license, legal or illegal, they work here, they live here, the fact that they cant get a driver's license sounds to me like it's just another way for the government to make illegal immigrants' lives misserable. As long as theyre not delinquents, whats wrong with them having a license to drive? That doesnt change their legal status.

  • Drivers licenses aren't appropriate tools for enforcing immigration laws.

    Drivers licenses are a tool for safety, not for enforcement of immigration laws. When one is driving on the road, safety is a far more important issue than is illegal immigration. Drivers licenses are a tool to encourage drivers to understand regulations and safe driving practices, and are a tool for punishing those who drive in an unsafe manner. To deliberately create a situation where large numbers of drivers on the road are unlicensed would be unwise.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • Like many people say this is a land of immigrants.

    If you check your heritage you,ll see that your ancestors are not from America, they are from other places. Besides that the US broke immigration laws in Mexico when they got California, Nevada, etc., so people cant blame immigrants for coming here illegally. I used Mexico as an example so don,t say this us just for Mexicans. Also Its true that immigrants run away from crashes because they don't have a license so they would get in more trouble. With the license they wouldn't run away and solve the problem there. Of course there should be a regulation on them or something, but they should still be able to have a license.

  • NO

    Sure add more things to the list. I dont think a criminal deserves any rights until hey pays his taxes, gets his documents and pay his dept to America. Why should we help give illegal immigrants "a protection for themselves" if they are not a legal citizen. They come into our country, not even minding to become a citizen, and then expect to get the full rights of being one? Explain how that makes sense.


    While our president is out pandering for votes, remember if the kid is here illegally then so is the parent.
    No birthright citizenship #1 deterrent to illegal immigration, come on New Zealand outlawed birthright citizenship years ago and it is an isolated island not bordering with the third world. Change some laws, ammend the constitution, politicians need to stop pandering and start governing. Deport those who are caught overstaying visas, the number one way to do that is catch them driving without a valid license. What is good for the rest of the civilized world is good for the USA.

  • They should go back

    They are illegal. My mother spent her time and effort to earn her citizenship; why don't the immigrants earn theirs. They also bring drugs over here and they don't have rights because they're not U.S. citizens. I also don't want kids out in the street getting a hold of drugs.

  • Do they do this in Mexico?

    If I were to go to Mexico to live Illegally should I not expect the same treatment as Illegals here? It just would not happen so why should we do the same for them? There is a big problem in the US and if you don't think they would just tuck there tails and run for home if things got worse here, then you are stupid. They send money from the US back home that they made Illegally and use aid that Americans need. Live in Texas and see what I see and you would be saying no. Look at the FBIs most wanted list, look at Texas most wanted list, I guarantee you it is mostly Hispanics from Mexico.

  • They are here illegally-how can they legally drive?

    Illegal immigrants have broken our nation's laws and entered our country without regard for its entrance requirements. Of course they should not get drivers licenses or anything else our country provides because they are here illegally. As soon as its determined that a license applicant is illegal, they should be turned over to the authorities.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • No, because, if they are illegal, then they should have no rights at all.

    If we allow people who illegally cross the borders to obtain drivers licenses, then we are basically saying they are residents. A drivers license is a proof of residency, and an official government document. A picture ID is needed to rent a home, enroll in school, and get other tax-related benefits that the real citizens pay for. I say we make life difficult on those who cross the borders improperly. Make it hard to live, so they will be motivated to use the proper channels in legally establishing residency. Why hand them freedom on a silver platter or, in this case, on a plastic card?

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey
  • Breaking the US laws only begins at the border.

    People fighting for open borders are not even thinking logically or rationally. To open the borders for all these illegal’s jumping into our midst is not only taxing our taxes (pardon the pendant); they are also taxing every part of our existence.
    Larger classrooms making education more strained. Teachers having larger classrooms dedicate less time to students. More teachers needing to be hired cost more education dollars that could be spent elsewhere; and again straining out tax dollars. The circle continues and I think you get my meaning.
    To the people that say entering the USA illegally should not be a crime, or is NOT a crime as it is not a felony, are missing the entire message.
    If coming to the USA is not a crime, remaining here illegally has to be. Why do I say this?
    1) Remaining here illegally means you are not working, therefore stealing our tax dollars by means of welfare, medical, and other cost for subsistence.
    2) If working, you are not paying taxes to the federal government. NO Social Security card. If you have one, it is not your and you have stolen someone else’s ID.
    3) In order for an illegal to remain in the USA they have to continually break the law in order to not get caught.
    This list can also go on and on.
    A child born here is an American Citizen. This is the most ridiculous thing on the planet. The USA is the only country that allows this.
    If a child is a citizen, that does NOT make the illegal parent a citizen and therefore the parents should be deported. As for the child, you have a choice, take it home and raise it in your country of origin, or place it for adoption. There are a great many of your supporters that would just love to have your child and raise it at no cost to you.

  • If you are not even suppose to be in the U.S. you should definitely not be allowed to obtain a drivers license.

    The key word here is illegal. If you are an immigrant in this country and have come here by legal and verifiable means, you are entitled to the rights and privileges that come with the effort you made and the contributions that you make to the country. If you are here illegally, you are not contributing the to overall society, through the tax process etc., and should not be granted the privileges that citizens receive (including a drivers license). You should also not be eligible for the welfare benefits that many receive without at least declaring your wish to become a citizen and starting the process to reach that end.

    Posted by: Ment0n3
  • What part of Illegal don't we understand?

    Are laws worthless? Personally I think we could freely admit everyone and do just fine. Give us you tired, etc. But if the law is on the books, it should be enforced or thrown out. Making people live in illegal limbo and sanctioning it by giving out driver's licences is immoral.

  • Yes,

    Yes they should, proud child of mexican parents and they should. You dont know what we have to go through. Just because you're white doesnt mean anything. You were once immigrants too because the Indians were here first !

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Natasha-secret says2013-02-16T01:13:07.110
People in orange line - who are you ? Who are you to judge us ? Are you Indians ? Or all of you here God ?NO YOU ARE HERE SECOND OR THIRD GENERATION OF IMMIGRANTS . You believe that vegetables grow up in supermarket , some of you think that you are americans do here every thing - ha . You wrong - You travel ? You stay in hotel ? Sure ! who clean your room be for and after ? You go on car wash ? Sure ! Who wash your car ? You using house cleaning ? Sure ! Who will came to you ? You go restaurants ? Sure ! Who will came first by your table to bring you water ? And who will clean your table after you done ? STOP THINKING OF us that we cant live here . USA this is country for every body , for any nationality . And i not a mexican - i Russian . and i dont came here illegal . I came Here legal . 11 days be for 9.11.2001 . and i came here stady . but in 11 days later all change , from that day i here - with out driver's licenses and USA ID . And i not bad person , i work hard , 12 hours a day , i pay car insurance full coverage but i must driv with international driver's licenses , and when i get stop by Police they confiscated my licence , then i go to court house . And then i still will print new driver's licenses at home on my printer , But i still will drive to work , i not gonna live under bridge , did you ever see emmigrants under bridge ? or emmigrants begging for money ? NO WAY ! Emmigrants came here for work hard . So think be for you start hating us .