Should illegal immigrants in the United States be deported to their home countries?

  • It's only fair

    I feel they should be sent back and wait in line - not cheat and jump the line. I'm sorry for their desperation and circumstance from whence they came but there are a lot of people that have been waiting a long time to legally enter America. It's only fair.

  • Yes but it's not realistic

    They did break the law, and so not only should they be deported but they are if immigration authorities find them.

    However, finding them even when localities allow law enforcement to turn in illegal aliens to immigration authorities is logistically infeasible.

    Allowing a way for people to plead guilty to illegal immigration and then get a lesser punishment in exchange i.e. not get deported but instead be punished with fines and community service is a better solution. People who don't turn themselves in and get caught should still get deported.

    This way then we can know where they are and keep track of them (those who come forward and studies show that most would). Then we could allow a path to citizenship, but the clock should start at zero as soon as they pay their fines and complete their community service.

  • Illegal is, well, Illegal.

    Ok, it would be too costly and it would upset unnecessarily too many lives. So, deport all who have in any way misbehaved while in country. And deport all who are on welfare. Deport all who have arrived within a number of years, three or five. Work out a status for the remaining millions so they can stay and work and appreciate the opportunities here BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THEY EVER BE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE! They forfeited that right by breaking the law to illegally step to the front of the line to come here. Fair's fair.

  • They are Illegal

    The laws of this country do not call for illegal entry. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions or people who are moving through the process and they should be given priority and the illegals should be returned to their countries and advised to begin the process for LEGAL immigration.

  • Yes, and the fence needs to be fixed, too

    I know it's expensive, but heck, if we let them stay (and use benefits, for crying out loud!) they'll keep coming. Find them (they are easy to find), ship them home, and fix the border so that they can't come illegally again. There are legal ways to immigrate; if you want to live here, use those.

  • No, it would be prohibitively costly

    Contrary to popular myth illegal employed aliens contribute services and spending to the economy. They defer the costs of hiring unskilled workers keeping prices low for everyone and at the same time they fill the much needed STEMM jobs that Americans are not available to do alone. Finally such an operation that would arrest, detain and then deport ~12 million people would logistically unfeasible, cost prohibitive and, on this scale, would inevitably lead to civil rights violations and abuses.

  • Only the troublemakers

    Most illegal immigrants in this country have no ill will towards he citizens or the country as a whole and merely want to provide a better life for themselves and their families. If there is no evidence they have been up to illegal behavior (beyond immigrating, of course) then they should be given an opportunity to do things right before being forced to leave.

  • No. I think that it isn't cost effective and there's a benefit for amnesty.

    I believe that it is important to take a serious look at immigration reform. I do think we have the right to have some level of anger towards the fact that people came into this country without following the correct process to get in. Having said that, there are many factors to why they do this. The people who enter the country illegally may not have had the educational opportunities that were afforded to those who came in legally. Many of them are struggling to survive and feed their families. I would think that taking them out of the shadows would greatly benefit our economy and give everyone a fair shake at opportunity. Plus, it would take a lot of time and a lot of money that we don't have.

  • They Should Be Able To Stay

    Illegal immigrants should be able to stay in America. I think that anyone that wants to live in this country should be able to. Instead of deporting people, the government should work with individuals and help them attain citizenship in this country. All people are equal here and have rights, so I don't see how you could tell someone that they cannot live here.

  • We call ourselves the melting pot.

    Not only is deportation not cost effective, but its unrealistic to think that you can track everyone down. Even if you did track everyone down would you really rip them away from their family? Their children? Most of them are contributing more to this country than those of us who were born here. I say, if they're contributing to the economy, or have a family, who are you to say they shouldn't be here?

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