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  • No, illegals shouldn't get vouchers for university education.

    I do not think that illegal aliens should get vouchers for university education. I think that such a policy would be unfair and unjust for a lot of people who are citizens and follow the law. I think that illegals should not get any benefits or welfare from the government.

  • No, they should not.

    If we cannot give our own US students vouchers for a university education, how could we give them to illegal immigrants? The only American students who make it through college today either have wealthy parents, or else they are buried under a staggering mountain of student loans which will take a good many years to repay. I don't think we need to consider vouchers for illegal immigrants.

  • No, they should find a job they can do without it, and seek legalization

    There is nothing wrong with immigrating to America as everyone here now pretty much came from somewhere else. And yes, for some people, the ones who probably need it the most it can be hard to get clearance. They still call the united States the land of opportunity. If you want to live in America though, you should follow the rules of America and work your way up. Become a legal citizen and work through college.

  • No, I do not

    Why should they have the right to educate themselves, when so many of our local students can not. If they want to learn they have to go through the right venues and do so on their own accord. We should help our own before we help others,but I guess that's our way.

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