• Absolutely concealed carry is needed, AND HERE!!!!!!

    We have it now, whether you libtards like it or not!! I hope you all enjoy knowing that the guy on either side of you walking down the street may be LEGALLY carrying a gun now!! I can promise you that I would never venture to lib town chitcago without my gun.

  • Down on crime

    Concealed and carry is a very touchy subject in our community. However having concealed and carry will lower our crime rates majorly. Having a gun can help us protect our family in public. The 2nd amendment in the constitution says we have the right to bear arms. So without the law passed we are considered unconstitutional.

  • CCW in Illinois "shall Issue" is the only option that is provided by the Bill of rights ...2nd Amendment shall not be infringed!

    Illinois is the Last State in the Union to allow law abiding citizens to carry weapons legally! Cook County and the City of Chicago (murder capitol) are governed by progressives, elites and corrupt alderman who have for decades dictated the terms of citizens rights and freedoms afforded by the "bill of rights".

  • Illinois should absolutely have a concealed carry law.

    In Illinois there are already loads of guns on the street, and they are carried around concealed daily. The problem is that these guns are almost entirely in the hands of gang members who own and conceal the guns illegally. With this in mind, honest citizens should have the right to defend themselves based on how they see fit - and if this means carrying a gun for their own protection, they should have the right to do so.

  • Yes, Illinois should have concealed carry.

    Illinois residents should be able to carry a firearm if they have been properly trained and comply with all laws. A lot of states that have conceal and carry were supported by the state troopers. I think if law enforcement thinks it is a good idea then we should respect their opinion.

  • I do think that the state of Illinois should have concealed carry.

    All states should in my opinion. Why would one need to flash a gun or should others that they have one? That can only lead to people feeling unsafe or threatened. Illinois needs to tighten up their gun laws and this would be a step in the right direction.

  • No.

    Shooting each other is one of the official sports of Chicago these days, allowing concealed firearms doesn't help the problem. The solution to guns being used maliciously isn't to add more guns, in Illinois or anywhere else. Illinois has some major gun problems, being able to carry one under layering is not fixing them.

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