Should immediate family members of past presidents be allowed to run for the presidency (i.e., George W Bush and Jeb Bush are brothers)?

  • Legacy Politicians are nothing new.

    The Kennedy's were heavily involved in politics. The Clintons are heavily involved in politics. The Bush's are heavily involved in politics. Most may be concerned with this sort of legacy support for fear of it easily turning into a monarchy or something worse. The Kim Jung's of North Korea have been in power for a century. The Al-Assads have held power in Syria for just as long. These monarchical style dictatorships are surrounded by controversy and accusations from outsiders, yet those inside the country still support their leaders. This is what Americans fear. With one family having such heavy influence within our system, it becomes unnerving. Luckily, we don't have just one family quite yet. Wives have taken over for dead husbands, sons for fathers, and so on. Why not? The family travel in the same circles, graduate from the same schools, and have the same views often enough. If the last Bush did a decent job, wouldn't the new one? Well......George W Bush.....'Nuff Said.

  • They should not

    I think that once a family member has held the office of president of the United States, then another family member should not be allowed to continue that office later on. We let it happen with George Bush and his son, but another relative does not need to be president.

  • So Long as They Meet Constitutional Minimums

    The minimum qualification for running for president are enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. They include being a natural-born U.S. citizen, have lived in the United States for 14 years and be at least 35 years of age. Aside from that, anyone can run for president. There is no constitutional limit for families of presidents to run for office except that they can only serve two full terms as mandated by the U.S. Constitution. It may not be prudent for Jeb Bush to run for president in 2016, but he can if he wants to. The GOP will lose handily if another Bush runs for office anytime within the next 20 years--the American voter isn't that stupid.

  • If they can get elected.

    Yes, immediate family members or past presidents should be allowed to run for the presidency, because there is nothing in the constitution or laws that forbids it. It would be problematic to allow the same person to run for multiple terms, but people are critical of relatives, because they are wary of having a dynasty politically.

  • Nepotism is Unhealthy in Any Organizational Structure. Government, Corporations, Civic, Religion, Non-Profits, and even any recreational organizations like sports.

    In Government, specifically, Nepotism can thrive in a Monarchy or Totalitarian regime. Isn't USofA a nation of Democracy though? Why is the Daughter, Son-in-law, and Son running the country's diplomatic relations then? Either we need to come out and say we are NOT a truly Democratic nation that our Founding Fathers created OR protest from Family Members having any official or non-official access to US' assets overseas --- assets includes diplomatic rolodex.

  • Should not be allowed!

    I would argue that the whole system should be scrapped.

    How about we take one person from every county in America at random, sorta like Jury-duty. There is 3,144 counties in America. So , 3,144 people every 2 weeks could be flown into DC to a congress hall. Let's pay them $750 a week with an all expense paid trip (housing, food, plane tickets) during this 2 week period.
    This would only cost $122.6 mil. A year to tax payers. Add a couple million for the housing/food/plane-tickets. About 82,000 people every year will earn $1500 tax free for a 2 week job. Not bad. Make it so the same people can't be chosen again for a 10 year period at least from a random pool.

    No President needed, no politicians needed since all of America would be so heavily involved in the political system, no money given to groups of people that don't have Americas interest's at heart. A system where no one is in control and yet everyone has power.

  • Too much corruption

    Allowing family of former presidents to run for president just encourages more corruption in Washington. Huge conflict of interest. Should have never had 2nd Bush. Thank God we avoided a 2nd Clinton and hopefully we will never have a 2nd Obama or Trump. There should be laws against past presidents family from running.

  • Dynasties in a making

    It's been 16 years under Bushes, 8+4 under Clintons, with both Clinton and Bush running as presidential candidates in the latest campaign. Sounds like dynasties, doesn't it? Especially with Michelle Obama being mentioned as a potential future candidate...
    There should be an amendment to the Constitution, that if one family member was elected as President, no other family members (by birth or marriage, cousins included) are allowed to apply for this position for the next two generations.

  • It is too dangerous

    As it stands now, an oligarchy state exists. This could and should be prevented. By banning immediate family members it would ensure that a family or TWO families could not hold on to power, which was the entire point of term limits. After watching this 2016 election, in which the media, search engines, and political corruption (which intervened into a criminal investigation) has duped the American public, it is clear that we need more limitations on exactly who is allowed to run for POTUS.

  • There should be a limit.

    Maybe allowing two different family members to run for office, then cutting off that family from the presidency for the next 100 years or so. Placing strict rules that will prevent anybody from marrying in to the family and then running for president should also be implemented. The U.S. needs to make sure no dynasties are created.

  • It's Proved Disastrous

    I do not believe immediate family members of past presidents should be allowed to run for the presidency. I believe letting this happen proved to be disastrous the last go around with George Bush, I do not think we should try the same thing again. Family members may be biased to make certain decisions based on what other family members did in office, this isn't good for the government or the people.

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