Should immigrants be accepted in the United States only for the corporations to profit from the immigrants' low wage labor?

  • It makes products cheaper.

    Yes, immigrants should be accepted in the United States for the corporations to profit from the immigrants' low wage labor, because low costs of labor is what makes the costs of goods and services less. We can all buy things for less if it doesn't cost them much to produce them. Immigrants who want to work should be welcome.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe immigrants should be accepted into the United States just so corporations can profit from their low-wage labor. Corporations can blame their low-wages on whatever type of reasoning they want but it takes just as much to live and function in this country regardless of rather you started here or not. Immigrants deserve a living wage as well.

  • We are a nation of immigrants

    The US is a nation of immigrants. People have always come from other places seeking a better life for themselves and their families. People should not be classed according to whether or not they are low wage labor. Immigrants should hopefully follow a legal path to enter the US and become citizens and be able to contribute in a variety of ways at a vareity of career levels.

  • Keep em out

    No, I do not think that these people coming from other countries need to be let in and allowed to work in an immigrants low wage labor system. They need to be kept out and we need to let the people here who need work take over the jobs here.

  • This should not be the reasoning behind immigrants being accepted

    No, I do not believe that immigrants should be accepted for the specific reason to help corporations to profit from low wage labor. If they are accepted, they should be accepted for other reasons such as a problems in their home country. If the only reason you accept people is for profit, you will bring in all the wrong personnel.

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