• Yes, immigration should be legalized whenever possible.

    Those who come here come for a reason of poverty or oppression. Of course there does need to be some way of processing them and making those who have come illegally be responsible for their actions. But sending them back or separating parents from their children can not be the moral response to immigration.

  • Yes and No.

    Immigrants yes, illegal immigrants no. I since then have changed my views on this a little bit more. I do think illegal immigrants should have a chance but only legally. In reality we are all immigrants, even Europeans, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, people who were born here to Native Americans. This is one reason I say immigrants should be allowed to stay. But people who come from other countries and over populate areas for no chance at jobs or when the economy is crappy right now at least, I don't think its a good idea. People should have room to take care of their country first, if a country is thriving it can thrive for other people as well, but not now.

  • Spicks and sand niggers need to go back to their countrys

    As long as these terrorist are allowed to stay in this country we could be bombed poisned killed murdered every day because of sand niggers and spicks are the worst because they eat all of our food, they are so poor they had to leave their terribl country to cum and ruin ours. Illegal or legal they shouldnt be here.

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