• Should immigrants be forced to learn english?

    You need to know english to be able to get a job. Immigrants should not burden people to provide and pay for them. Learn the language and integrate into society. There are FREE classes to take. Anti social behavior and not integrating leads to problems for the country. Why move to an english speaking country if you don't want to integrate?

  • Learn it and be accepted

    In Australia, there are immigrants, who have lived here for 50+ years and never learned more than 3 or 4 words of English..
    They never assimilated into Australian Culture.
    They created Enclaves in neighborhoods of their kin who don't want anything to do with Local Australians.
    The current day Immigrant now is usually from the middle east with an even more segregation of Anglo Australia

  • Why would you came into a country that use English as its first language, but you can't speak English?

    That's just stupid, how would they communicate with locals if they don't? Maybe they're not planning to communicate to any, but who knows they might be. Maybe they have an acquaintance that speak English, but its still going to be troublesome to have to talk to a third person whenever they need to talk. But why don't they learn English anyway, English is also an international language, so it's worth the effort to learn in.

  • Yes. Immigrants must learn English!

    Yes. I think it is paramount that any immigrant that is allowed into the United States be required to learn the language. If an American goes over seas and they are not able to speak the native language of the country they are in, they are treated as though they don't exist. Our language should be mandatory in our country for all people.

  • Shouldn't have to, but should be highly recommended.

    No foreign immigrant should have to learn English just because they moved to America. This is like the melting pot theory. All of these different cultures being Americanized makes one horrible society. They should be told it's important to learn English, but they should not be forced to do so.

  • English is a foreign language, too.

    You don't speak American, you speak English. So if you speak the language of England, why should people be looked down upon for speaking their native languages? It is a true shame when language is lost. I grew up speaking my parents' native language at home, but began to forget it when I began to speak English more (at school, with American friends). Remember that the United States does not have an official language. Nobody should be forced to speak anything! Our neighborhoods are multicultural; embrace it!

  • America doesn't have an official language

    The United States doesn't have a declared language like in many countries. Immigrants are under no obligation to learn English or be forced to lose any part of their culture. America is a country of immigrants. My own family came to the United States from Russia and didn't learn English right away.

  • Should Immigrants Learn English?

    No because if they decide to learn another language, They will forget the language they grew up with, And sooner or later, They will only speak the language they just learned, And completely forget the language they were taught as little kids. And if they ask them if they are bilingual, They'll say no.

  • Population Would Decrease

    Well immigrants should not be forced to learn english and this is because if they were forced to learn english the population of immigrant would decrease and move to somewhere else like Canada or London.So this is why I think people don't have to be forced to learn english or any language at all.

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