Should immigrants fear deportation or worse now that Donald Trump has been elected?

  • Exactly they need to be scared

    Whenever you are told I hate you and I will be leader and make you move to a ass country to our country now I wanted trump to win but just I have friends who are Mexican with his mom illegal and his sister also so I feel bad for him now the wall is stupid we already have a fence I think trump should do security checks and keep them if they pass not make it a long ass processes

  • Yes, they should.

    Immigrants ought to fear deportation or even worse than that now that Donald Trump has been elected as the President of the United States of America. This is because Donald Trump said this during his campaigns. That the immigrants will either leave the United States or be deported. Though thi is not the right thing to do, but we should be worried about it.

  • Yes, immigrants should fear deportation and worse.

    Yes, immigrants should be fearful for their lives, not just deportation. In reality, Donald Trump can't actually do most of the things he talked about during the election, but the people who supported him are the scary ones. He brought out the worst of America to get elected and they lived on his every word. Some of his supporters are violent and I feel that they may try to attack people who don't look like them.

  • Yes they should

    I think ultimately mass deportations won't happen because they'll be to administratively difficult and possibly costly. The fear exists and what Trump did was legitimize bigotry and hatred by the way he ran and the things he said. He made it ok to for kids to threaten their classmates with deportation and for people to fear that their families will be torn apart. If I were Muslim, Mexican or a recent immigrant I would fear for myself and my family.

  • He stands for legal immigration.

    Immigrants should not fear deportation or worse, if they are legal immigrants. Trump pledged to stop a specific problem in the United States. That problem is illegal immigration. Those who are hear legally have nothing to worry about. Americans just want the laws enforced, and that is all Trump promised to do.

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