Should immigrants have the same rights as citizens?

  • Yes immigrants should have the same rights as citizens.

    In America, a country founded by immigrants, for immigrants (by the people, for the people), all those seeking basic human rights should be afforded them. We left Europe because we sought better lives, we then invaded a country already inhabited and stole their land and changed their lives to better fit our own. If we do not afford new immigrants the same rights we bestowed upon ourselves we become the largest group of hypocrites on Earth.

  • This Is America!

    If we wanted the kind of country where foreign-born, non-citizen immigrants were treated poorly and not given the same rights as citizens, we wouldn't have written "all men are created equal" in our Declaration of Independence. For that matter, we wouldn't be America. You need to treat immigrants well because that's what the founding fathers wanted.

  • Should "immigrants" have the same rights as citizens.

    Some people on the opposing side are getting "immigrants" confused with "illegal-immigrants". Easy mistake for people who have no knowledge of immigration policies and any idea what they are talking about. Immigrants who apply for visas to work legally in the U.S. have a very difficult time receiving working visas. In comparison to other countries, the U.S. has one of the most restrictive immigration policies in the world. Although very high and often wasted taxes compared to other countries, the opportunities in the U.S. well make up for the difficult immigration process and high taxes on immigrants who may not receive all the same benefits as American citizens. Nevertheless, in recent decades what we have seen is extremely well educated immigrants coming to the U.S. and taking on very demanding jobs in administrative, medical, and engineering fields, etc. I get a sense from the opposing side that all "immigrants" must be "illegal-immigrants" and therefore are working low paying jobs or not working at all and receiving American benefits. Somebody who is an "illegal" cannot receive free housing, social security, and welfare because they are unregistered and illegal. If they have, it is illegal in the U.S. bottom of the line. The discussion of "illegal-immigrants" is irrelevant to our topic right now. LEGAL immigrants cannot often receive these benefits because their visa status depends upon their employment. If they are unemployed they will lose their visa. A legal refugee on the other hand is often required to work low paying jobs, with little to no work benefits, they are often uneducated and come from impoverished backgrounds. It is difficult to integrate into American society because of little resources available to them and complicated red tape. Finally, an immigrant who has been working LEGALLY in the U.S., paying equal taxes, contributing to all Americans' social security, should have considerably equal rights. Now they are not an American citizen yet, they cannot vote, and they cannot receive all the same rights in court or in front of the law as American citizens; but, this is what the argument should be about, what equal laws should be granted upon them? It is very infuriating to see people twist and confuse this topic so much. To assume all immigrants are "illegal," taking American social benefits, stealing from you, and being uneducated is remarkably ignorant. EVERYONE, If you want to come on debate.Org and speak your opinion, make sure it is at least on topic.

  • We were once all immigrants

    Immigrants, especially legal ones, absolutely deserve the same rights as citizens. People came to this country for acceptance and a better life. Still today, many come because of how their country is acting to them. They are not coming to be a freeloader. They just want to feel human again.

  • Yes! (And second poster you are being ridiculous)

    I believe that citizenship should not be define by paperwork. I believe it should be defined by how long you live in a country, and if an illegal immigrant has lived in the country for say 5-10 years, he or she should immediately become a citizen and have all the rights other citizens have, but I believe that even non-citizens should have some basic rights. Their children should be allowed in public schools, they should have the right to go to the hospital and get treated if they get hurt, and they should have the right, after 5-10 years, to vote. They should have the right to freedom of speech and religion, and they should have the right to have all the freaking abortions they want. And do you really think that just because we allow rights to non-citizens that terrorists are going to bomb this country? That is ridiculous. 9/11 happened because a couple of extremists thought we were meddling in the Middle East too much and thought we needed to be taken down a notch. Allowing illegal immigrants to have the basic human rights this country was founded on won't make terrorists bomb the U.S.

  • Migrants need more rights

    By as far from the Cesar Chaves era pretty no thing has change,but at the same time there's room for change,so it has been believe that we were all ilegal from out our ancestors, who never got treated poorly,so why not do the same with these people who deserve more.

  • We are all the same

    Some people have worked very hard to escape their country for a better life. They came to America just to find some stupid wall built between their starvation and their new lives. Well i guess Trump just likes to starve people. Force them to go back to their country and possibly get killed in a war or by a monarchy. Trump could be classified as a murderer if you think about it. The point is, we are all human. No matter if we're from Malawi or Qatar, we're still the same species. Therefore, we should be treated the same. I'm only 12, but I know a lot about what's going wrong in the world and politics, and human rights are one of them.

  • We're human beings

    We all should have same rights cause if u cut me and you, we both got the same color blood. Yea we might have different color skin but that doesn't change who we are. Muslim too should have same rights to especially muslim mothers because they wouldn't want thier sons to join any gang, they would want a better future for their sons. Like me im from guyana and i came over here in the U.S for a better future, education and home. We all should be treated equal cause haven't u had enough of democracy? Yes and you should too.

  • Yes, immigrants should have rights

    Immigrants are humans and its unfair that just because they were born in a different country they are unable to have rights. For that reason i strongly believe that it is only just for immigrants to have rights just like any other citizen of the U.S. And for those saying immigrants should HAVE to speak english in order to become a citizen should look at the facts and statistics before claiming something like that because it is proven that 61.8 million people — speak a language other than English at home. And for those saying that if you pay taxes they should too why dont you think that if you rights they should too.

  • I think that Illegal immigrants should get the same rights as citizens.

    They should get the same rights because they didn't leave their country and come here because they thought it would be fun to break a law and make it unfair to those people waiting in line, some did, but that doesn't mean every single immigrant there is in the country. Illegal immigrants have a reason to come here and it varies, but they are here already, so why waste the time to send them back. Also, Illegal immigrants actually do pay the taxes and pay their bills and do all the stuff good citizens do. Though I'm not saying that every single Immigrant is like this, there are different people in the world, but for the most part, I know that Illegal immigrants are mostly good people and they should deserve the same rights as a citizen.

  • No English, No Rights

    Immigrants should not have the same rights as American Citizens. They should have a waiting period of 5 years. In this time, they should be fluent with the English Language, find proper housing they are paying for themselves, without our government assistance. Provide for their own family, food, housing, education etc. Americans work hard to provide for their families. Why should our resources be depleted because of lazy individuals who do not want to work? NO rights for Immigrants until they have earned the right to be here.

  • Some things are earned

    They are criminals, if they want the privileges of U.S. Citizens, they need to be here legally. They are not entitled to whatever they want from this country just because they decide they are. And as for people saying we are all immigrants, those ancestors came to this country legally and were grateful for the opportunity. They didn't come here making demands.

  • They are Immigrants, not citizens!

    Immigrants have not earned their right to be citizens of Canada. Canada fought for the rights we cherish today and they must be respected. For immigrants just to march in and start demanding all the rights and freedoms Canadian's enjoy is unfair. If they had the same rights as Canadian's, why bother with citizenship?

  • There is a reason they are called ILLEGAL.

    Become a citizen and pay taxes like we do, and then I have no issue. Until then, you're a criminal for tax evasion. Stay in your own "wonderful" country and stop waving your flags on USA soil. Get an American flag. Then I'll have all the respect for you in the world.

  • No they need to become a citizen first!

    Do you want terrorists to live in America and have the same rights as us right before they bomb us? That is a slap in the face to America and I won't have it! It is a simple procedure to become a U.S. Citizen and not that hard. Immigrants are getting away with not paying taxes like the rest of us. America should be nice, but no taxes and protection of freedom and rights to whomever walks over the border? NO.

  • it depends what you mean

    First of all someone can be an immigrant and a citizen. However let's assume you don't mean immigrants that have gone through the proper channels to become citizens. They should have basic human rights, that should go for everyone even our enemies. They should not however have the right to vote unless they have gone they become a citizen. Also, even immigrants who have become citizens cannot become president.

  • Illegals should not have the same rights as legal citizens and legal immigrants

    Just because your country sucks because you're government is oppressive or overrun by drug lords, does not excuse the fact that illegal immigrants break the law of the US everyday they are here, and because they break the law, they should not have the rights of legal citizens. Just like criminals no longer have their rights because they are criminals. Illegal immigrants also bring crime and drugs and take away a lot of jobs from Americans. It's asinine to allow an illegal immigrant the same rights as a legal one.

  • Don't think we should treat them poorly. But they have to earn some privelages.

    I beleive when LEGALLY in the country they should have constitutional rights such as freedom of speech, religion, 5th amendment ext... But I do not believe that they should be entitled to come here and use our entitlement systems which some consider a RIGHT. I think they come here for opportunity, they should be productive and law abiding members of our society. If they are not a citizen I do not think our country should be supporting their food, medical, education, ext.... Send the bill to the country they are a citizen of.

  • No they shouldn't.

    No, immigrants should not have the same rights as citizens. The reson is that they choose the easy way out, instead of fighting to make their own country better they abandon it and search for the easy way out. This is not a good mentality and will lead to more problems (if continued).

  • It's a privilege, not a right

    While i can't deny that immigrants, legal or not, do have human rights, these rights should in no way be confused with privileges. They aren't the same thing. American citizens and legal immigrants should never be denied aid when any are in need. Yet, some are. It's because of illegal aliens and dangerous, foolish political correctness, that some longtime citizens aren't taken care of fully or at all. If people actually believe illegals are automatically entitled, does it mean that Americans are "entitled" to breaking the law? Where's the logic in that? I believe in human rights, not the abuse of a country.

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