Should immigrants in Dusseldorf be targeted by German security forces?

  • Immigrants need to be targeted by German security

    Targeting a specific cultural group is never ideal, but given the seriousness of the attacks in Germany, and reports of the attackers, it is a must. When a crime is committed we look at all we know about the offender, including his or her physical description, and go from there. If groups of immigrants are committing crimes, than it can not be helped that security forces will have to focus on those groups.

  • Sort of, but not really

    Yes, I do agree with the idea of targeting immigrants. Specifically, they should be targeted for screenings or random checks to in order for the security forces to be able to guarantee the safety of regular German citizens. In this day and age it is importance not to leave anything to chance, especially in light of recent events across Europe involving immigrants or children of said immigrants.

  • No, immigrants already face many great obstacles.

    No, Germany security forces shouldn't’t target immigrants in Dusseldorf. Most of the immigrants being targeted are from war-torn Morocco and are fleeing poverty and violence. Furthermore, most of the immigrants are non-white while most of the German forces are white. This coupled with an inherent and ongoing problem of racism in Germany means that targeting mostly black immigrants leads to increased racism. This also adds to the unfounded fears that much of the German citizenry already harbor, unfortunately. For these reasons, German security forces should not target immigrants

  • No, targetting immigrants would be an example of xenophobia and stereotyping.

    I do not believe that German security forces should target immigrants in Dusseldorf. Immigrants represent a group of people who may or may not be likely to commit crimes. Any crimes committed may in actual fact be as a result of the desperate situation immigrants find themselves in. In my opinion, a more holistic approach is needed to help deal with the current rise in immigration.

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