Should immigrants in the United States be forced to take English classes?

  • Of course !!!

    I would propose allowing them into the country for a limited amount of time . Within that say 20 week time period they are required to take an English class and pass a prerequisite english test. During that time period they can't buy tobacco or alcohol or guns. But can stay with a relative and live like a citizen. If they don't pass they go back to their country. I see America as being like the Harvard of countries. The best country in history with the most liberties and freedom only allows the best who appreciate and want to learn our culture and values and will also abide by our laws.

  • Yes they should

    Of course they should have to learn english if they are going to come here to become an american citizen one of the standards is being able to read and speak english. Other than that it is a basic skill how are you going to communicate with others if you can't speak the language we speak

  • Look at countries from which came

    Except for business and commerce, where English is dominant, most countries do not accommodate foreign language to the extent that the US does.

    My parents were (legal) immigrants from Germany and I mostly spoke German until I was about 4 years old. Then in 1942, speaking German became much less popular.

  • Immigrants should learn English for medical reasons.

    It's hard to have an emergency and trying to staying composed. But it's even more nerve wrecking when one even say one word of what happened because they don't know the words to say except in their own language. It could confusion and mistreatment of an injured person or child and probably result in death do to mis-communication.

  • If anyone is going to move to the United States, they need to learn OUR native language!

    There is nothing more annoying then calling a customer service line and hearing "Press 1 for Spanish, 2 for English, 3 for German, etc.". It doesn't help that a large portion of the immigrants living in the United States are illegals either. If they're going to come here, they need to learn our language, because they'll be interacting with OUR people. It shouldn't be our problem to try and understand them because it is our country, and our native language is English. Learning English should be a requirement for citizenship in the United States.

  • Yes. It's reciprocity.

    U.S. citizens can't go to Costa Rica and expect people to speak English to them. Brazilian citizens can't go to Japan and expect people there to speak Spanish to them. Immigrants need to fulfill LOTS of requirements in order to become citizens, and I support those requirements. They MUST be educated, they MUST be hard-working, and they MUST apply legally. If they do all three of these things, the government should demand that they learn English. English is the common language of the United States, and immigrants must be adaptable and flexible to our national principles if they want to have any opportunities in this country whatsoever.

  • When we move to another country, we learn that country's anguage

    If am american moves to mexico, there are not as many subtitles is english, and people are required to learn spanish to live there, it should be the same here. We live by their laws in their country, so it should be the same here, and frankly I am sick of seeing everything in spanish next to english. In fact, I do most of my shopping locally, so I dont have to see the spanish labels, because it makes me sick that they want so much from America.

  • Of course they should!

    It surprises me that so many people have said no. In my opinion, I believe that it should be required for so many reasons. Here is just one reason that could cause problems. Why should there be special classes in our school system for immigrants to speak their own language? Can you imagine all the different classes and special teachers that we would need? Should it be the child's job or a translator's job to communicate with the teachers if the parents can't speak English? Really people...if you want to come over to another country...why wouldn't you respectfully learn the language that is used in the school systems, stores, banks etc.. Yes, in most cases we do have someone that works in these places that are bilingual, but that's because it's not required to learn English and soooooo many of these people have come over here illegally. It's just a class....if they want to speak just their own language then they can go back to the country they came from.

  • When In Rome do as the Romans do

    I believe that all Immigrants must try assimilate to the best of their abilities in the region they have chosen to settle in. This is for the benefit of the immigrants themselves, given that they would be able to converse with the majority of the region they have settled in(In this case English for the US). Furthermore it must be done out of respect for the majority culture of the region, as that culture is the one that has managed to make a success of their nation(the region an immigrant would most likely move there). It is not much to ask for Immigrants to learn the language of the majority, as it benefits both sides, and makes the conducting and uniting of different groups that much easier, by giving them a common base to work from. Furthermore, by expecting to have them learn English, does not mean they must give up their entire culture, nor their respective mother tongue, it just means they're being given the tools of which to better themselves with.

  • A nation that speaks the same language is stronger. I cannot call someone a fellow countryman if I cannot communicate with them on any level.

    The United States may not have a de jure official language, but the de facto language is English. The existence of ethnic enclaves is good and well, but the existence of ethnic enclaves in which nobody can communicate with the outside world is not. If one would like to immigrate to a country under the premise of a better life, so be it, but how can you embrace that country without learning the tongue? How can I call you my countryman if we cannot even exchange names? This is not a right-wing belief. Even the farthest-left countries in the first world, those in Scandinavia, mandate language classes for immigrants.

    Posted by: FR
  • No, immigrants should not be forced to take english classes.

    People have the choice to decide whether or not they want to learn english. Forcing people to learn english is unfair. Everyone has the right to decide if learning english is helpful to them. There are many people that don't speak english in the U.S. and are very successful. People should focus more on their personal life instead of judging other people for not wanting to learn english. People mind your own business!

  • They chose to come here.

    Immigrants chose to come here for freedom and acceptance, so we should at least give them that. They already get enough trouble from people not trusting them so why should we add more trouble to their list? English classes cost money, and many people do not have money to spare so we shouldn't require them to pay for something that we already know. If they have to learn English, we should have to learn Spanish, French, Japanese, or anything else that we do not already know.

  • there's not reason why immigrants should be forced to take english class.

    There’s a reason why immigrants come to America, because America is the land of acceptance. In America no body is judged by their race or religion. They came here to be free and escape their land. Also, the most dominate language now is Spanish! Learning Spanish is a link in witch you learn any other language in world. Why make someone forget something that there were born with. What kind of people will we be if we don’t except people for who they are? Much better why turn they in to something they are not.

  • No.

    Immigrants come here because of our acceptance of other cultures and religions. And, if we are the "land of the free" then why should we be forcing anyone into doing it. We can not expect everyone to change just for our needs or preferences. Although immigrants should take English classes, they should not be forced to.

  • America has no official language

    That's right. America has no official language. Not english, not spanish, not even Swahili *sad face*. Why should we force immigrants to learn a language that is not the official language of the country? would it be benegicial if they learned it? Of course, because most americans speak English. However, it should never be forced upon them.

  • Immigrants should not be forced to take English classes, because it's never been done before.

    America is a melting pot of many cultures and nations. Granted, it sometimes boils over, but the diversity also makes us great and capable, as a country. We've always welcomed others into our borders to join our family, without expectations or preconditions. We're also already a multilingual country, even if the English speakers don't want to admit it. Besides, Latino immigrants wind up speaking English only within three generations anyway. So, why force something that already happens naturally?

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • As much as I think they should learn English, immigrants should not be forced into classes, or anything else like that.

    Immigrants come to America because we are a free country. So, to force them
    into classes would really contradict that spirit of freedom. It may be in
    their own best interest to learn English, as well as benefiting others who
    communicate with them. But, forcing anyone to do anything like this is just
    not the American way.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • No, immigrants should not be forced to take English classes, as the U.S. has no official language.

    The United States has no official language. Therefore, it would be discriminatory to make immigrants take English classes. This is a solution in search of a problem. Most immigrants make it a priority to learn English already. English is necessary for success in most industries and, therefore, there is already a strong incentive present for immigrants to learn English, without introducing burdensome and unnecessary legislation.

    Posted by: PreciousMiguel78
  • Because English is not currently the official language of the United States, it would be unreasonable to require immigrants to take English classes.

    Though I personally believe that immigrants to the United States should learn to speak English, there are no current national laws establishing English as the primary spoken language of our country. It is therefore unfair to require immigrants to learn to speak English, when there are no laws establishing English as the lingua franca that would indicate that citizens of our country are expected to be English speakers. If citizens are not expected to speak English, it seems unfair to expect non-citizens to speak English.

    Posted by: A Paul
  • No, because immigrants should not be forced to do anything against their will.

    Immigrants who enter the United States legally should not be forced to take English classes. The desire to learn English should be up to each individual. It would make good economic sense for a new immigrant to speak English. But it should be up to each individual to decide for themselves, not a requirement.

    Posted by: Cen2I0rd

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