Should Immigrants in the United States Illegally Be Allowed to Obtain a Driver's License?

  • They have rights as well!!!!

    Just because immigrant are illegal doesn't mean they can't have a better life in the US. They work hard to get a better life for them and there family. They also have there rights here to they bring a lot of money in the US. And there will be less arrest.

  • Illegal? You get nothing.

    No way, no way, no way! They are here *illegally*, they have broken the law! Catch them and deport them, don't give them any benefits. They are already abusing our healthcare system and spending our taxpayer money when they go to emergency room for all their health needs - and then don't pay incurred medical bills. No driver's license!

  • No driver's license for illegal immigrants

    I think that illegal immigrants should not be able to get the same treatment as the people who were born here or worked hard to come over here.The Government should crack down on the illegal immigrants and do not allow them to get a driver's license and much more because it is becoming ridiculous.

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