Should Immigrants in the United States Illegally Have Access to Social Services Such as Health Care and Public Education?

  • Immigrants our the backbone of the country

    Immigrants around the nation are working harder than any other legal person in the country. They take the low paying jobs that have the most labor while complaining American dont want to do these jobs. Americans should no complain when they don't have jobs. All in all benefits for all!

  • I believe immigrants should have some access to healthcare and education.

    While I don't believe that adults here illegally should have their health care paid for by the government, I believe that it would be inhumane to turn them away if they needed it and I also believe that children should have paid access. I believe that children should have access to education in all circumstances as well. They did not choose to be here illegally.

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  • They are law breakers

    In my opinion the illegal immigrants have come to this country in search of freedom. But that does not change the fact that they are here illegally. When you open the borders and let anyone come in it leaves a lot of questions. Who are they really? What do we know about them? Can they speak the language of the land? Do they have a skill in which they can work? Well I can tell you one thing. If you look at the demographics in my area of northwest Iowa you will be surprised. Nearly every single one of the people that are wanted here are illegal immigrants. They come here, expecting to get welfare from a government that we the people pay for. I did not work all my life to have an illegal immigrant collecting something that a rightful citizen should be entitled to. They break laws, crowd schools, bring back bugs like mexican cockroaches, lice, bedbugs and other species including black widow spiders. When they rent a place to live they also have 2-4 other families with them that all pay full rent to the main illegal.
    It should be illegal for any immigrant that is here under false pretenses to collect welfare, have a job, collect social security, or be able to go to public school.
    With the school, there are kids that are born here but the parents are illegal. If it were up to me I would have two choices in the matter. One, let them take the child with them when they are deported back to country of origin or two, put the child in foster care and send the parents back. Illegal is still illegal.
    But I can say without a doubt here today that if it wasnt for all the illegal immigrants in this country, I would not only have a very well paying job and we wouldnt be in so much debt.

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